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Black Plastic Seed Trays Wholesale Suppliers USA

Autumn is the season when plants begin to wither and wither(plastic nursery pots). As the saying goes, the autumn wind sweeps the leaves, the autumn winds sway, the leaves sway with the wind, slowly fall on the ground, the cleaning of the courtyard becomes complicated and difficult to clean, and it also affects the courtyard. Aesthetics, using deciduous leaves to make humus soil can save resources and clear the leaves in the garden(105 cell seedling trays wholesale). It is really a two-pronged! The deciduous leaves are pure natural horticultural resources. We must make full use of the leaves to contribute to the wintering of our garden.

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(black plastic seed trays wholesale suppliers usa)Without too much effort, we can collect the leaves from the yard and make them into a good soil conditioner, the soil of the rot(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). The humus soil can help improve soil nutrients and change the structure of poor soils. Rough organic matter creates cavitation in the soil, which is beneficial to the penetration of plant roots. The humus soil also improves the soil's ability to absorb moisture(128 cell seedling trays wholesale). As the leaves are decomposed and decomposed, beneficial microorganisms are formed in the soil, and the soil fertility is enhanced.

Leaves are the favorite foods that help the leaves turn into nutrient-rich products(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). The soil of the rot leaves is used as an organic mulch to spread on the exposed soil surface, and the soil will not be compacted even in the case of heavy rain and sun. With this layer of protection, soil moisture evaporation will be reduced and soil and water will be maintained. Let the rotted leaf soil slowly decompose in the heat of summer, and wait until this layer of protection is thinned and then updated(128 cell plastic propagation tray wholesale price).

(black plastic seed trays wholesale suppliers usa)Another benefit of using humus soil is to inhibit the growth of weeds(seed starting trays). Of course, the existing weeds in the ground should be removed before use, and then a thick layer of humus soil should be laid. At this time, its function is to block sunlight and hinder the germination of the grass, but the shaded area can be laid thinner. The humus soil is different from the compost. The rot leaf soil is only partially decomposed and decomposed(162 cell seed starting trays), and the fragments of the leaves can still be seen in the finished product. And the leaves are the only raw material for the formation of humus soil.

The method of artificially generating humus soil is the same as that of nature(gallon plant pot), except that the wet leaves are piled up and waiting for them to rot. If you want to speed up the process, you can first divide the leaves into small pieces and then pile up, and attach a snow cover, barbed wire and other landscaping appearances, but ensure the internal air circulation, because oxygen is an essential element of the decay process(200 cell seed starting trays). In winter, the volume of the leaf pile will shrink over time.(black plastic seed trays wholesale suppliers usa)

There must be scientific technical knowledge in raising flowers(plastic nursery pots wholesale). For example, the structure, color, and aroma of flowers involve knowledge of botany, chemistry, etc.; the relationship between light, temperature, air, soil, moisture, and nutrients of flowers involves various fields of natural science. Every flower-loving elderly person hopes that the flowers they raise themselves can always open the usual fragrance(200 cell seedling trays wholesale), but it is difficult to achieve this without mastering the above scientific knowledge.

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