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British Columbia Greenhouse Supplies Trays Wholesale

Epiphyllum prefers loose, fertile and well drained soils(wholesale nursery pots). The cultivated soils can be mixed with 1 part of rotten leaf soil, 1 part of garden soil and 1 part of river sand, and some matured organic fertilizers are added to the cultivated soils. Epiphyllum has a long flowering period. It often blossoms in the evening from June to October, so it needs sufficient nutrients. Generally, it is fertilized every 10-15 days(11.43cm square grow pots). Fertilizers include bean cake water, rice cake water, fishy water, chicken manure water or human manure and urine. The ratio of fertilizer to water is 20% to 30%.

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(british columbia greenhouse supplies trays wholesale)Fertilizer application should grasp the principle of "thin fertilizer and more application"(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). If 1 ferrous sulfate (alum) can be added to the fertile water, the fleshy stems (so-called leaves) will be bright green and the flowers will open frequently. Potted plants should be converted to soil every other year. During the growth period, especially in the bud stage, it is advisable to water sufficiently and apply organic liquid fertilizer several times. After flowering, the plant has a period of dormancy(8.89cm square grow pots). At this time, watering should not be excessive, and then normal watering and fertilization should be done after its resumption of growth.

Autumn and winter should have sufficient sunshine(plug trays wholesale), too shade and excessive fertilization easily make the plants grow longer, affecting the flowering of the next year. In addition, Epiphyllum should not accumulate water in pot soil. Once water accumulates in outdoor culture, it should be discharged as early as possible. Especially in hot summer, flooding easily leads to root rot(6.35cm square grow pots). In addition, the ball in the sun and the ball in the shade should be watered separately: the former should be watered more, while the latter should be watered at a longer interval.

(british columbia greenhouse supplies trays wholesale)In a word, we should master it flexibly(black plastic nursery pots). To sum up, we should abide by the following principles: no soil, no water; no water in winter, less water in summer; no water for the ball just bought home; no water for the ball just sunbathed; no water for the ball in early spring; no water for the ball just changed pots and new cuttings. If you put a cactus in the east, it means that there are many difficulties in the progress of your career(23cm plastic grow pots), which is not conducive to your career development.

Every spring, the cultivation soil should be changed in combination with basin-changing(plastic nursery pots wholesale). Put it on the left side, which can prevent people from being wrong and enhance their resistance. If it is placed on the right side, it will lead to conflicts between colleagues and unfavorable interpersonal relationships. To adapt to desert life, we can not change its living environment. In spring and autumn season, the temperature is suitable(20cm plastic grow pots). Through effective water control, the cactus can strengthen its physique, reduce illness, grow healthily and produce beautiful flowers.(british columbia greenhouse supplies trays wholesale)

In summer, it is necessary to shade the sun properly(plastic nursery pots), otherwise the sunshine is too strong and the plant will turn yellow and atrophy easily. The incubation soil for Epiphyllum can be formulated according to the proportion of immortal finger incubation soil. Sand bed or pot cuttings can be used, the best pot with a falling basin (tower basin). Firstly, the tiles were padded on the bottom of the pot, and then put into the culture soil until the pot was eight minutes full(19cm plastic grow pots). The cutting depth was about one third of the cutting strip. After cutting, the base is slightly tightened, and then placed in the shade of the room, no more movement.

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