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Bulk 1 Gallon Pots Cheap Suppliers Washington

The selection of the spider flower pots is small(plastic plant pots), saying that people rely on clothes, in fact, beautiful flowers, but also with a beautiful plastic spider plant. There are many kinds of flower pots. From the material, there are plastic hanging flower pots, purple sand pots, plastic pots, and hanging orchid pots. Each has its own characteristics. If you want to raise flowers, you must first choose and choose the right pot(cheap 3 gallon plant pots). Let's take a look at the different flower pots and their characteristics. Plain pot: the most plain flower pot.

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(bulk 1 gallon pots cheap suppliers washington)The potholes of the pots have fine pores, which are beneficial to the decomposition of nutrients and moisture in the soil(plug trays). It is very helpful for the normal growth of flower roots. The shortcoming is that the texture is rough, not beautiful enough, it is used for a long time, it is easy to break, although the shape belongs to the lower Liba type, but many professionals like to choose this kind of spider plant to plant flowers, the reason is cost-effective(10 gallon planting pots wholesale). Purple sand pot: Drainage and ventilation are not as good as the pot, but it is also an ideal pot.

Moreover, the purple sand making process has a long history(gallon plant pot). Many exquisite and simple works will add a lot of charm to the flowers. The purple sand pot is also used to plant orchids, and the hanging orchid pots are lining up. Plastic hanging flower pot: The hanging orchid flower pot is cheap and light, and the color shape is rich, but it also has the problems of gas permeability and poor drainage(2 gallon pots). It can be used to cultivate plants that are not very demanding for conservation, such as spider plants and stalks. Tub:

(bulk 1 gallon pots cheap suppliers washington)Nowadays, there are many wooden flower pots(nursery trays), flowers and wooden basins on the market, which have good drainage performance and are suitable for planting flowers and plants. Most of these tubs are treated with anti-corrosion treatment, but after a little longer, the pots should be thoroughly disinfected and lacquered to avoid rot and insects. Before the Camellia flowering, it is necessary to add enough phosphorus and potassium fertilizer to make the flowers open more and more(5 gallon nursery pots wholesale), and the phosphorus and potassium fertilizer content is higher, there is bone residue!

Therefore, the flower buds who do not want to spray the potassium dihydrogen phosphate to the Camellia can bury the bone slag in the pot(gallon nursery pots). It is also very good! Collect the remaining bones in the house, whether it is a fish bone or a chicken bone, then put Soak in warm water for 1-3 days, then put it in a pressure cooker. The purpose of this is to allow the salt in the bone to be precipitated to avoid damage to the root of the Camellia(25 gallon nursery pots wholesale). The bones that have been cooked in the pressure cooker are exposed to the sun for 3-5 days.

(bulk 1 gallon pots cheap suppliers washington)Let the bones dry completely, then gently tap with a small hammer to break the bones and become bone residue(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). Along the edge of the camellia pot, use a chopstick or a shovel to dig a few holes, put the bone slag into it, and finally bury it with soil. The bone slag buried in the potting soil can slowly release the phosphorus and potassium fertilizer. The tea flower absorbs the nutrients in the bone residue and can differentiate more flower buds(15 gallon nursery pots wholesale), thereby more and more flowers, and the colors can be more and more vivid!

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