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Leaf insertion, as the name implies, is the process of using the leaves of plants to complete the cutting propagation(wholesale nursery pots). In the succulent plant community, the use of leaf insertion in the breeding of young plants, this process seems simple, but there are not many successful leaf inserts, most of the pot friends will end in failure(1 gallon nursery pots). In fact, leaf insertion is a technical activity, and it has certain requirements for each link. Before we can carry out the operation, we must do our homework before we can do it smoothly and do more with less.

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Many succulents can be propagated by leaf insertion to produce new plants(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). In addition to the use of the ramets method to breed, aloe vera can also be propagated by cutting, with leaf insertion as the main. So, how do you plant aloe vera? Below, Xiaobian tells you about the leaf insertion method of aloe(15 gallon planter). Leaf insertion of aloe vera is generally carried out during the spring and March to March, and it is recommended to cut leaves with rooted tissue.(bulk 5 gallon pots cheap wisconsin)

That is, the bottom of the blade has a white portion and the more the better(seedling trays). After cutting the leaves for cutting, the aloe will flow out of the thick liquid from the wound. It needs to be placed in a cool and ventilated place for 1-2 days. After the wound is dried and healed, it can be cut(128 cell seedling trays wholesale). The leaf insert of aloe vera requires loose and breathable matrix and good water permeability. It is recommended to use sandy loam as the culture soil. However, the culture medium should have a certain amount of water to maintain a moist state.

(bulk 5 gallon pots cheap wisconsin)In the short term, after the leaf is inserted(black plastic nursery pots), it is not necessary to water the water, and the water can be properly watered after the potting soil is dried. If the potting soil is still wet and blindly hydrates, it may cause the basin soil to be too moist, causing the leaf plug to rot(162 cell seed starting trays). But then again, if the cut half of the leaves do not have rooting tissue, it is very difficult to cut it successfully, because the lack of rooting tissue, the survival rate is very low.

However, if the pot friends want to cut aloe from other adult plants for cutting(wholesale plant pots), we only need to remove the side buds or branches, so the survival rate of the aloe leaves is very high. We can cut about 5-10 cm of new shoots from the position of the spider mites on the mother plant as cuttings, then cut off the leaves on the side of the base, place them in a cool(200 cell seed starting trays), ventilated place to dry the wound, and the incision will take about 1-2 days. Dry out and then insert into the culture medium.(bulk 5 gallon pots cheap wisconsin)

A new root system will be germinated for up to 1 month, and after 2-3 months, the young plants can be transplanted(plastic nursery pots). Note: It is necessary to cut the leaves with rooting tissue for leaf insertion; ensure that the soil is moist and soft before the leaves are inserted, and the leaves will not be damaged when cutting; it is not suitable to water immediately after the leaves are inserted, otherwise it is easy to cause the soil to be too moist(200 cell seedling trays wholesale). The phenomenon of leaf rot is caused, and the cultivating water can be hydrated after the culture soil is dried.

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