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Bulk Buy 1 Gallon Plastic Plant Pots

The heart of the cabbage is a common vegetable in people's daily life, and many people love it(buy succulent pots online). Today, Xiaobian and everyone will learn about when to grow vegetables and what cultivation points are there. Although the cabbage heart can be planted all year round, it is not the climate in different places, so the planting time is also different. If you choose unsuitable seasons to plant unsuitable vegetables(black plastic plant pots wholesale), it will also make it difficult to survive and not easy to grow.

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If the time of the cultivation of the cabbage is generally carried out during this period of time, it is also the best period for the growth of the cabbage, and the yield is obviously improved(small succulent pots wholesale). If you want to plant them, you should first depend on local climate, soil and other factors(tray cell). In addition, we must also consider the characteristics of the variety, which is better to raise, higher yield, comprehensive selection of suitable varieties for local cultivation.

(bulk buy 1 gallon plastic plant pots)The density of planting depends on the variety, planting time and planting purpose(bulk buy plastic plant pots). It is mainly based on harvesting rapeseed, with short growth cycle and fast growth, so it is appropriate to have a suitable plant spacing of 13 cm × 16 cm(germination tray price). The mid-late maturing varieties planted in summer and autumn have long growth cycle and large plants, so it is not suitable for planting too densely. The row spacing is 16 cm × 20 cm.

There are many varieties of cabbages, and you can buy them at the right time(black plastic nursery pots wholesale). Generally, when the seedlings grow 4-5 true leaves, they should be planted in time. Pay attention to adding water (not changing the water) to prevent the bottle from drying out. The summer temperature is high, the water evaporates quickly, and the water is evaporated in the ditch after sowing(nursery pot suppliers). The use of nutrient solution is usually added after the plant has returned to normal growth after rooting. 

The main flower can be cut at the base 2-3, and the lower harvester can cut the lower 1-2 knots(1 gallon pots wholesale). The harvest is too early, the vegetable meal is not immature, the yield is low, the harvest is too late, the vegetable meal is aging, and the taste is poor, which affects the quality and commerciality(72 cell plant tray). It is best to keep the soil moist during the growing season, add it in time after the water is reduced, change the water in time for 1~2 weeks, and do not interrupt it.(bulk buy 1 gallon plastic plant pots)

When the vegetable buds are flush with the high blade tip(5 gallon plastic pots wholesale), the flower buds are harvested at the beginning of the harvest, but the harvesting side is often good for feng shui. Once again, the small crops will be cleared of the weeds in the field after the crops are harvested. When the fleshy roots are fully expanded, they can be harvested according to market conditions(growers pots wholesale). Be careful not to get too late, otherwise it will be easy to heart and affect quality.

(bulk buy 1 gallon plastic plant pots)The harvesting of the cabbage heart must also be strictly controlled, so the planting time is extremely important(plastic growers pots suppliers). It is usually planted in the spring of March or the autumn of August-September. Generally, the early-maturing varieties are grown in summer. Therefore, the purchase of nutrient solution must be properly recognized(heavy duty plug trays). Manufacturer's products. Many people suffer from various symptoms due to blind use of nutrient solution.

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