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Bulk Buy 105 Cell Plastic Seedling Trays

Watercress is an aquatic herb, also known as Dongyangcao and watercress(nursery plant pots). It is mainly planted in Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan, Fujian and other places in China. At present, the watercress also has dryland planting techniques. At this time, the whole grass can be used for medicinal purposes, and has the effect of relieving heat and diuresis(gallon pot). Due to the influence of market demand, the planting efficiency of the seaweed is getting better and better.

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It grows rapidly around 20 degrees, and the quality of stems and leaves is good(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). The temperature growth above 30 degrees is inhibited and it is prone to disease. Below 10 degrees, the stems and leaves will be red and of poor quality. When planting, care should be taken to keep the water depth about 5-7 cm(4.72inch plastic nursery pots). The water level is too deep to cause long lengths, excessive roots and yellow stems and leaves. And the uncertainty caused by excessive roots.(bulk buy 105 cell plastic seedling trays)

Watercress is a kind of light crop(plastic plant trays wholesale). The light is insufficient or planted too densely. The stems and leaves grow weakly, the stems and leaves accumulate less nutrients, and the output value and quality decrease. Therefore, when planting, we must select the plots with sufficient light to plant, and the planting density should not be too dense, so as to avoid the field being closed(4.92inch plastic plant pots), resulting in thin stems and leaves, less nutrient accumulation, and a greater impact on income.

(bulk buy 105 cell plastic seedling trays)Many farmers want to plant it(square grow pots). How can high-yield planting western vegetables be produced? Shallow stems are prone to aging, because the water temperature is too high and the air humidity is relatively low. The most suitable growth temperature is between 15-25 degrees(5.12inch plastic plant pots). The farmers who want to grow the western vegetables have mastered the above four key points and scientific management to achieve the goal of high yield and high quantity. 

Watercress is a kind of hi-fertilizer, especially for nitrogen(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). Therefore, 1500 kg of decomposed farmyard manure or 3500 kg of manure is generally applied to the base fertilizer. And in each harvest, it is necessary to topdress in time, such as drenching man's manure or urea diluate. In the growing season, the sun is relatively weak in the evening(5.5inch plastic plant pots), spray foliar fertilizer 2-3 times, participate in 0.5 urea solution, will It makes it grow fast, has good quality and high output value.(bulk buy 105 cell plastic seedling trays)

But it is inevitable that some pests will damage their leaves(cell trays). Common pests include Plutella xylostella, aphids or yellow-striped fleas, which cause certain damage to the leaves. At this time, planters are required to treat them promptly, investigate the occurrence of pests, and spray pesticides(5.9inch plastic plant pots). The above is the high-yield planting point of the watercress. The watercress is rich in nutrients and is a vegetable with high health value, which can be planted all year round.

(bulk buy 105 cell plastic seedling trays)It has certain requirements for base fertilizer(large plastic terracotta pots). The resistance of the western vegetables in the whole process is still relatively strong. I hope the above contents will be available to the farmers. help. The watercress is round and round, and it is easy to crack when applying external force. Since mung bean is more drought-tolerant, it is difficult to say that mung bean cultivation is difficult. It is not difficult or difficult to say(6.3inch plastic plant pots). What is important is the accumulation of experience.

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