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Bulk Buy 2.5 Inch Plastic Succulent Pots

Tissue culture and propagation is a method of using the cell totipotency to cut a certain tissue or organ of strawberry plant and obtain a complete plant under sterile conditions(gallon pot). Now, the general tissue culture and propagation method has been widely used in the protection of Strawberry Germplasm resources(200 cell trays bulk), the propagation of excellent varieties and the cultivation of virus-free original seedlings.

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Therefore, this kind of propagation method does not carry virus, develops healthily and uniformly, and has high yield(large plastic terracotta pots). Using tissue culture to propagate strawberry, a meristem can get thousands or even thousands of seedlings in a year, which is incomparable with other methods(162 cell trays bulk). In order to propagate seedlings by tissue culture method, it is necessary to set up a tissue culture operating room and a supporting greenhouse, so that they can be produced all year round.

(bulk buy 2.5 inch plastic succulent pots)Therefore, the test tube seedlings can be planted in the open field only for a period of time, thus saving a large area of land(square grow pots). At the same time, because of the rapid propagation rate, it provides a guarantee for the production of new varieties, which can meet the needs of new varieties of seedlings in a very short time(128 cell trays bulk). Tissue culture is an important way to propagate Strawberry by using stem tip to stop in vitro culture, which has the following advantages. 

The whole process of tissue culture is stopped in aseptic condition(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). Then wash away the slurry, filter out the seeds, dry them, and store them in a cool and ventilated place. It is better to use a sowing plate or tile basin equipped with nutritious soil or humus soil for sowing(105 cell trays bulk).  The principle and specific operation of tissue culture propagation method are shown in the section of virus-free seedling propagation technology of strawberry.

Seed propagation is a method of picking ripe strawberry seeds and sowing them to grow into plants(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). It can't insist on the original excellent characteristics of the variety, so it can only be used in hybrid breeding and seed selection, and can't be used in production. To buy strawberry varieties, you can only buy seedlings, not seeds(98 cell trays bulk). This method is to select mature and well-developed berries from excellent single plant for seed collection after harvest in May June.(bulk buy 2.5 inch plastic succulent pots)

Sowing can be stopped from July to August or next spring(plastic plant trays wholesale). Prepare the tile basin before sowing, fill in the fine nutritious soil and flatten it. The germinating power of strawberry seeds can be maintained for 2-3 years at room temperature. The seeds have no obvious dormancy period and can be sown at any time(72 cell trays bulk). However, if the seeds are stopped stratification for 1-2 months before sowing, the germination rate and uniformity can be improved.

(bulk buy 2.5 inch plastic succulent pots)The seeds can also be soaked in gauze bags for 24 hours, and then disposed at 0-3 ℃ in the refrigerator for 15-20 days, and then taken out for sowing(sureroot plug trays bulk). For example, when sowing in a seedbed, the soil should be flat and fine, and more mature manure should be applied(50 cell trays bulk). When sowing, water shall be poured first, and then evenly spread on the soil surface, which shall be covered with fine soil 0.2-0.3cm thick, and then covered with plastic film to maintain humidity.

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