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Bulk Buy 20 Inch Plastic Plant Pots Cheap

Many farmers use trace element fertilizers in the process of vegetable planting to supplement various trace elements for vegetables(128 cell seed trays wholesale). Let us talk about how to apply zinc fertilizer scientifically: When used as base fertilizer, it is generally used 1-2kg per acre, mixed with organic fertilizer or physiological acid fertilizer evenly(square plastic plant pots), evenly scattered before sowing or planting.

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Generally, the top dressing can apply the zinc fertilizer directly to the soil, or the zinc fertilizer can be diluted and applied as a foliar fertilizer(128 cell trays bulk). Today, it is noted that zinc fertilizer should not be mixed with phosphate fertilizer because phosphorus and zinc are mutually antagonistic, and mixed application will reduce their respective fertilizer effects(square plastic nursery pots). Zinc fertilizer has a post-effect effect, and it does not need to be applied every year.

When the transplanted vegetables were planted, the roots were planted in a 1% zinc oxide suspension and then planted(72 cell plug trays supplier). Generally, zinc fertilizer is used as seed dressing, seed soaking and rooting. The seed dressing is usually 2-3g of zinc sulfate per kilogram of seed(starter trays), first dissolved with a small amount of water, then sprayed on the seed, while spraying and mixing, using water It is advisable to mix the seeds well and dry them before sowing.

Soaking seeds generally use a concentration of 0.02%-0.05% zinc sulphate solution(72 cell propagation trays wholesale), soak the selected seeds into a good solution of zinc sulphate for 8-10 hours, remove and dry to sown. Spraying zinc fertilizer as foliar fertilizer is a commonly used topdressing method(terracotta plastic plant pots), which can be applied to all classes of vegetable growth and development. the main variety of zinc fertilizer is zinc sulphate. 

Choose to spray after 4 pm, especially in the evening, and spray the whole plant evenly. Zinc fertilizer is one of them(sureroot plug trays bulk). After the application, turn into the soil and mix well. It can be applied once every 2-3 years. When the vegetables are exposed to zinc deficiency symptoms, the zinc deficiency can be rapidly converted(succulent plug trays). Apply the strip or hole to the root system to facilitate root absorption and improve the utilization rate of zinc fertilizer. 

The spraying solution uses 0.05%-0.1% zinc sulfate solution, and the 0.1% dilution solution is best sprayed three times in the whole growth period(72 cell seed trays wholesale). In particular, the cucumber should be sprayed once in the seedling stage, after the root melon is sitting and in the early stage of harvesting(viagrow pots). Chinese cabbage should be sprayed once in the seedling stage, the rosette stage and the early stage of the ball.

Cauliflower, beet, spinach, Chinese cabbage, tomato, eggplant, radish, onion and legume vegetables are all zinc-like vegetables(72 cell trays bulk). The application of zinc fertilizer can increase the yield and improve the quality. The soil is applied with 1-2kg of zinc sulfate per acre, preferably concentrated application(sugarcane nursery trays). The application of zinc fertilizer on tomato, cucumber and radish can increase the yield by 13%-15%.

In the early spring, the green and oilseed rapeseeds are compact, with many branches and short branches(blow molded nursery pots). The pods are thick and concentrated, and the plants grow vigorously. The plant height is 137.9 cm, and the plant type is compact and the branches are 11-12(three gallon pot). In order to increase economic returns, the seedlings are half erect and the leaves are dark green. Sowing should not be too deep, and the soil must be strict.

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