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Bulk Buy 4 Inch Square Succulent Nursery Pots

Then, the water is poured, and the soil is turned to the ground when the soil is dry and wet(40 cell seed starting trays). Sowing from mid-July to August, planting from early August to late August, and supplying market cultivation methods from mid-September to late November, the general price is higher and the economic benefits are good. Because the temperature is low in the later period, the greenhouse has limited heat preservation capacity(30 gallon grow bags), so it is necessary to pay attention to the planting period not too late, otherwise it will not reach the ideal yield.

(bulk buy 4 inch square succulent nursery pots)Flatten, pour water, spread the cucumber seeds evenly on the sand(50 cell plastic propagation tray wholesale price). Cucumber cultivation in the greenhouse after the autumn extension refers to the use of greenhouse facilities to raise seedlings in the greenhouse, uncovering the front foot and the rear outer vent to form a pergola. Do a good job of sowing cucumber bed, sowing bed 8 ~ 10 cm thick screened river sand(5 gallon plant container), can also be made into 40 cm line spacing small sorghum, single row planting. Then use the rootstock to pick up the growth point.

The temperature in the seedling stage is high and the evaporation is large(104 cell seed starting trays). After the autumn awning of the awning shed, the cucumber seedlings should be carried out in the greenhouse, the middle shed or the small arch, and the surrounding area should be ventilated. It can also be made directly on the ground with a width of 1.O to 1.2 meters and a length of about 6 meters. According to the high-quality organic fertilizer 50 kg per sifting(shallow plastic plant pots), the seedling base fertilizer is turned over, and the soil is mixed with 10% of the soil.(bulk buy 4 inch square succulent nursery pots)

The early stage is resistant to low temperature(105 cell seed starter trays), the female flower differentiation ability is strong, the growth is good, the disease resistance is strong, the yield is high, and the quality is high. Good variety. The soil is mixed with the soil, and the seedlings can be transplanted or broadcast live, and the arch frame of 0.8-1.0 m is set on the raft. Cover the old film to protect it from rain and night dew. If you pay attention to the observation during the planting process(3 gallon fabric grow bags), it is also important to give fertilizer and prevent nutrition regularly.

(bulk buy 4 inch square succulent nursery pots)Cucumber can be broadcast live after the seedling transplant is delayed(105 cell plastic propagation tray wholesale price), but it is best to use seedling transplanting to raise seedlings. Generally, grafted seedlings are not used. Cover with 2 cm thick fine sand, pour enough water, always keep the fine sand moist, and after 3 to 4 days, the two cotyledons can be transplanted. Starting from one end in the nursery, the ditch is opened at a line spacing of 10 cm(7 gallon fabric grow bags), the ditch is filled with water, and the seedling is transplanted at a distance of 10 cm.

After the harvest, the large row spacing of 70 cm(seedling trays wholesale), before planting, in the nursery and nursery irrigation, and then cut the sputum, the current use of more nutritious sputum or plug seedlings. Seedling stage management of high temperature and humidity during seedling stage, prone to downy mildew and disease, should be strengthened after the emergence of cucumber. It is necessary to keep the surface dry and see the wetness(5 gallon grow pot). The watering is carried out in the morning and evening, and each time the water is poured into the surface.(bulk buy 4 inch square succulent nursery pots)

Timely land preparation, generally apply 5000 kg of high-quality decomposed ring fertilizer(200 cell seed starter trays), 50 kg of phosphate rock powder, 20 kg of potassium ore powder (or 50 kg of grass ash) as the base fertilizer. After leveling, the ridge is erected, and the big scorpion with a width of 80 cm at the bottom of the shovel is opened, and a small groove of 20 cm is opened in the middle to form two small ridges with a width of 30 cm and a height of 10 cm(20 gallon grow bags). There are 40 cm large ditch between the two large ridges, and each small ridge is planted in a row.

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