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Bulk Buy 5 Gallon Nursery Pots Cheap Philippines

Plants absorb dust from the air through the epidermis on the surface of the stem and leaves(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). For example, the cilia of ornamental flowers such as osmanthus and orchid can effectively absorb suspended matter in the air. The efficiency of plant adsorption to air is related to the angle of emergence of the leaves, the shape of the leaves, and the roughness. The plant absorbs harmful gases in the air through the pores of the surface of the leaf or the pores of the stem(1 gallon nursery pots bulk), and transforms and decomposes the toxic substances through metabolism in the body.

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(bulk buy 5 gallon nursery pots cheap philippines)Some ornamental plants can be sterilized by secretory secretions to purify indoor air(seed starter trays), such as rose, violet, jasmine, sweet-scented osmanthus, etc., to produce volatile oils indoors, and to inhibit the growth of harmful microorganisms. The soil has the ability to adsorb gases. According to related research, soil and root microbial systems have the function of degrading indoor harmful gases(2 gallon nursery pots bulk). Some harmful gases such as formaldehyde are water-soluble and can be degraded by rhizosphere microorganisms by water dissolved in the soil.

Its degradation ability is related to soil moisture, temperature, porosity and other factors(plug trays wholesale). Care should be taken to improve the curing conditions and enhance the disease resistance of the plants. After the disease occurs, it can be sprayed with 50% captan WP 600-800 times solution, or 72% agricultural streptomycin soluble powder 1000 times solution, or 40% omethoate 1500 times solution(seed starting trays wholesale). The transpiration of plants increases with the increase of indoor temperature, and the proportion of humid air also increases.

(bulk buy 5 gallon nursery pots cheap philippines)The air contains a lot of harmful microorganisms that are not visible to our naked eyes. They invisibly threaten our health(black plastic nursery pots). The climatic conditions, the particle size of dust particles, the intensity of human activities, and chemical pollutants all affect the amount of bacteria in the air. The most important factor is the plant species and the intensity of bacteriostatic action. Indoor potted flowers can make people pleasing to the eye(32 cell seed trays wholesale), cultivate sentiment, purify the soul, let people get psychological adjustment, spiritual relaxation, relieve anxiety, stabilize emotions, and make people feel comfortable.

For example, dwarf bananas(plastic nursery pots wholesale), canna, spring feathers, monstera, green radish, rubber trees and other foliage plants, because of their color can produce different light energy, the human brain transmits information to the nerve center and from the nerve center to the muscle cells. Certain chemicals that regulate human nerves and emotions. As a “devourer” of indoor harmful substances, green plants can effectively control indoor environmental pollution and place green plants(plastic cell trays supplier). This is an effective way to improve indoor air environment in addition to enhanced ventilation.

(bulk buy 5 gallon nursery pots cheap philippines)Choosing different flowers according to the type of pollution can not only reflect the taste of the owner(plastic nursery pots), but also enhance the sense of life, while at the same time improving the indoor environment, making it safer and more fashionable. So we can use a variety of potted flowers to control the microorganisms in the air. The scent of many potted flowers is very effective in improving people's health(200 cell seed trays wholesale). The fragrance of chrysanthemum can be used to wind and lower blood pressure, which is good for sleep.

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