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Bulk Buy 5 Gallon Plastic Planters

The time and type of fertilization should be determined according to the growth of sweet-scented osmanthus trees(black plastic nursery pots). Fertilization should be based on the principle of thin fertilizer. When osmanthus grows long, it requires a lot of fertilizer. Application of nitrogen-containing fertilizer or organic fertilizer can make the new branch of sweet-scented osmanthus grow and grow, which lays a good foundation for flower bud differentiation(10 gallon plant pots). In the middle and late May, the leaves are old and the sprouts are capped and transferred to the nutrient accumulation period.

(bulk buy 5 gallon plastic planters)The photosynthesis of sweet-scented osmanthus continues, and the root growth of sweet-scented osmanthus does not stop(seedling trays wholesale). At this time, quick-acting fertilizers with nitrogen and phosphorus as the main factors should be used. To lay a good foundation for growth and flowering next year. In the early winter, inorganic fertilizer or organic fertilizer is applied as "wintering fertilizer" to enhance cold resistance and cold resistance(1 gallon pots). Flower fertilization should pay attention to the four taboos: First, avoid hot fat. Do not fertilize at high temperatures, which can damage the roots.

The root should not be in direct contact with the fertilizer to avoid root damage(plastic nursery pots). Four seasons osmanthus is a precious flower of our country. It not only has a wide range of viewers but also has high economic value. It is loved by people. Its flowers are beautiful, often planted as landscape trees, and enjoy great value. Friends can also put osmanthus trees as potted plants in the living room(1.5 gallon nursery pots wholesale), books and balconies to become home decorations, and can be planted in the courtyard.

(bulk buy 5 gallon plastic planters)In the early spring and 3-4 months, such as the leaves are yellow, dry, etc.(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), then how do the four seasons of osmanthus leaves dry and fall off? The following small series bring everyone to understand. If you want to dry the leaves of the osmanthus leaves, we must first know what causes it. There are many reasons for this phenomenon(2 gallon pots). If the light is too strong, the leaves may be dry. In the following, we will deal with such phenomena. Let's take a look.

More phosphate and potash should be applied and nitrogen fertilizer should be applied as appropriate.Improper watering will also cause some adverse reactions in the plants(fabric grow bags wholesale). The leaves of the osmanthus leaves will dry up and fall off, and even in severe cases, the plants will die. Treatment method: When such a phenomenon occurs, we need to change the soil in time. In the choice of soil, we can choose the fertile sandy soil(15 gallon plant pots). The drainage and permeability of the soil are better. Four seasons osmanthus absorbs nutrients better.

(bulk buy 5 gallon plastic planters)For example, soil acidity is too strong(wholesale nursery pots). Although water is an important nutrient in the growth of osmanthus flowers, if too much water is poured, it will cause the leaves of the osmanthus leaves to dry out, so we should pay attention to this. Treatment method: For example, when watering the osmanthus flowers, we must maintain the principle of “not to dry, not to pour, and to pour through”(7 gallon pots). If water is caused, we must clear the excess water in the first time.

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