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Bulk Buy 9cm Square Plant Pots Cheap

Sweet potatoes have always been known as "longevity food"(30 gallon grow bags). They are rich in nutrients and long-term consumption are very beneficial to the human body. They have been very popular in recent years. With the increase in market demand, prices have gradually risen. How can sweet potato seedlings be cultivated? How many sweet potato seedlings are planted(51 cell propagation trays wholesale)? The base fertilizer should be applied once. 

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Deep-cultivation before winter or early spring, it is not suitable to topdress the sweet potato in the growing season(5 gallon nursery trade pots). In addition, because of the high temperature and high humidity of the film-covered cultivation, the nutrients are decomposed and used quickly, and it is easy to remove fertilizer(40 cell plug tray wholesale). Generally, about 45,000-60,000 kg of high-quality farm manure, about 600 kg of ammonium carbonate, about 450 kg of superphosphate, and about 225 kg of potassium are applied per hectare.

(bulk buy 9cm square plant pots cheap)It is best to apply it along the ridge(plastic plant pots). In order to give full play to the effect of plastic film mulching and effectively use the effect of plastic film at low temperature in early spring, it is appropriate to plant in time and early, and it is advisable that the seedlings are not harmed by the late frost, which is generally 5-7 days earlier than the open field cultivation(40 cell propagation trays wholesale). Early aging of sweet potato with plastic film is an important factor affecting yield. 

Therefore, it is best to spray herbicides on the ridge surface before planting(3 gallon fabric grow bags). Cut a T-shaped mouth in the upper part of the seedling, and use your fingers to hook the seedling out. The seedling will be exposed outside the membrane, and the base of the seedling will be sealed tightly with soil(36 cell propagation trays wholesale). Check frequently and find that the film is blown by the wind or the film surface is damaged, and it should be used for sealing in time.(bulk buy 9cm square plant pots cheap)

Generally, 2500 ~ 3500 plants are inserted(15 gallon nursery pots for sale). Drought and lack of fertilizer often make the leaves wither and fall off, and their growth is hindered. Therefore, when there is a ditch lightly poured small water during drought, it should be eliminated in time when waterlogged(18 cell propagation trays wholesale). Especially the average ridge distance is 70-80 cm, the height is 20-30 cm, the ridge surface is 50-60 cm wide, the plant spacing is 18-22 cm, and 60,000-67500 per hectare.

(bulk buy 9cm square plant pots cheap)For premature senescence fields with yellow leaves(7 gallon fabric grow bags), spray 1% -2% urea solution on the leaves in time, or 3% -5% Calcium superphosphate solution, or 20% potassium sulfate solution, and then spray again every half month, preferably at 4-6 pm, depending on the long phase(8 cell propagation trays wholesale). According to different purposes, Xushu 18, Ningshu 1, Qinshu 4, Meiying 1, Qin Xiu and other high-yield, high-starch, neat and beautiful potato blocks are selected.

The density of single row ridge spring potato in the north is 3000 ~ 3300 plants / mu(20 gallon grow bags), and the density of summer potatoes is 3300 ~ 3500 plants / mu. The density of autumn and winter potatoes in the south is relatively large, with a large area of 4000 ~ 6000 plants / mu(12 cell propagation trays wholesale). When cultivating sweet potato seedlings, the density of short vines is generally about 6000 plants per acre, and long vines should be sparsely inserted.(bulk buy 9cm square plant pots cheap)

Detoxified sweet potato seedlings come from organic agricultural systems, and the quality must meet standards(germination pots). It is recommended that sweet potato plants be about 33cm away. In summer, the popular point at this time can also be said to be a flytrap heatstroke(6 cell seedling trays). One of the Venus flytrap pests and diseases, everyone knows that it is a mosquito repellent plant. If the Venus flytrap grows up, it will have to shine more on the sun.

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