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Bulk Buy Big Plastic Pots For Plants

Planting spiders can be used with flower pots with an inner diameter of 15-20 cm(50 cell plug trays supplier). Because of the green color of the hanging orchids, white plastic pots, white porcelain pots or other pots are used, which is more beautiful. According to the size of the seedlings, the large seedlings are planted in large pots, and the small seedlings are planted in small pots, and one potted seedlings are planted in 1 to 3 plants(seed starter trays). When planting, choose a slightly larger flower pot, which is conducive to the stretching of the fleshy roots of the lower part of the ground. The upper and lower stems and leaves have enough growth space to make the leaves green, wide and grow strong.

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(bulk buy big plastic pots for plants)When planting, it is best to set up a drainage layer at the bottom of the basin(72 cell plant trays bulk). The height is 1/5 of the height of the basin. You can use slag, broken tiles and gravel to facilitate drainage and ventilation. The spider plant is usually propagated by ramets, or it can be sown and propagated. However, because the seeds are small and the number is small, it is generally not necessary to breed seeds. The ramets can be combined with potting in the spring every year. The potted planted stalks are poured out of the clods, the old clods and the rotted roots are removed(seed starting trays), and the excess and excess part of the fibrous roots are cut, and the plants are divided into several plants by hand and replanted. .

Note that the fill should not be too full(105 cell plant trays bulk), and the basin should be 2~3cm high to facilitate watering. The small plants on the stems can also be cut off, together with the aerial roots, planted directly in the seedling boxes, plugs, or small pots of 5 to 10 cm, and then planted into pots after the seedlings grow up. The ramets can be propagated in other seasons except when the winter temperature is too low(gallon nursery pots). After the planted spider plant is filled with water, it can be properly maintained and properly grown for a few days.

(bulk buy big plastic pots for plants)The number of spider plants that have been propagated by ramets has gradually increased and is growing well(128 cell plant trays bulk). Many flower lovers also give the orchids as gifts to relatives or friends or floor neighbors. The spider plant is strong and grows well in loose, fertile, well-drained sandy soil. The cultivated soil is generally selected from the nutrient soil prepared by mixing the humus soil (or peat), garden soil and river sand(plastic nursery pots). According to the soil fertility condition, the cake fertilizer or the decomposed organic fertilizer is appropriately added as the base fertilizer.

Residents of high-rise buildings in modern cities are generally difficult to use in high-quality gardens(162 cell plug trays supplier). They can use soil, sawdust (crust) as a substrate, and add homemade organic fertilizer. Organic fertilizer can use some waste organic materials in life such as vegetable leaves, melon peel core, bean dregs, broken egg shells, livestock manure, old potting soil, etc., which are made after being cooked and sun-sterilized by sunlight(gallon plant pot). Special flowers can also be purchased. The spider plant is not cold-tolerant, grows well at 15-25 °C, slows down growth above 30 °C, and even stops, the leaves are prone to yellowing and dry tip.

(bulk buy big plastic pots for plants)The winter temperature is not lower than 5 ° C, preferably above 10 ° C(200 cell plug trays supplier). The spider plant should be shaded in the summer and placed in a ventilated, cool place. It should not be placed in a window with strong light. When the basin is changed before winter, the base fertilizer is applied. In winter, the indoor insulation is placed, the fertilizer and water are strictly controlled, and the fertilizer is not dried or fertilized. The spider plant is a semi-shade plant that grows well under moderate light conditions and is most suitable for indoor indoor cultivation(plug trays). In the summer season, the light is strong, and the daylight needs to be shielded by 50%-70% to prevent the leaves from being white and tarnished.

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