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Bulk Buy Black 1 Gallon Plant Pots

Spinach is a common vegetable on the table, but although it is ordinary, it is deep into every household table, and the daily demand is very large(200 cell seedling trays wholesale). In recent years, vegetable prices have shown an upward trend. Many people will grow some vegetables themselves. Spinach is also one of the vegetables that many people must grow. Let's take a look at the management of summer spinach planting(black plastic nursery pots). When weeding, it is best to weed by hand. Summer spinach cultivation time is usually from May to July, and then from June to September.(bulk buy black 1 gallon plant pots)

The yellow leaf blight caused by these factors can be sprayed with phytoerythrin emulsion or antidote in time to prevent the occurrence of yellow leaf blight(162 cell trays bulk). Spinach varieties with high heat resistance and fast growth rate should be selected. When two or three leaves are grown, they should be cultivated and weeded. When cultivating, pay attention to the shallow ridge back, which can protect the sputum, breathe, and not hurt the root(plastic nursery pots). When the leaves are covered with ridges, stop cultivating, so as not to damage the roots and damage the leaves, so that the plants are poorly grown and the bacteria are harmful.

Because it is planted in summer, choose the soil with rich texture and convenient drainage(288 cell trays bulk). The optimum pH of acid and alkali is about 6-7. Soil moisture must be adequately maintained before sowing. The soil is then loosely ploughed and piled into ridges about 1.2 meters wide. When arranging the land, 4000 kg of rotten organic fertilizer should be applied per mu of land, and the seeds should be evenly dispersed(plug trays wholesale). In the soil. It is best to cover it with straw or straw, which will lower the soil temperature and allow the spinach to grow better in the summer.

(bulk buy black 1 gallon plant pots)Deep ridge ditch, high temperature in summer(200 cell trays bulk), so in order to ensure the normal growth of seedlings, it is necessary to establish a layer of shading net to prevent spinach from being directly exposed to sunlight, and to reduce the overall temperature of the field. Spinach seedlings can be sprayed with new lipid film regularly, which can prevent and cure diseases, improve the photosynthesis of spinach and accelerate the growth of seedlings(wholesale nursery pots). When spinach grows one or two leaves, you can apply thin fertilizer, usually using manure, or spraying some strong stem gas in time.

In order to avoid the death of spinach seedlings, the coated seeds can be selected(20 cell trays bulk), so that the protective film can be formed on the outside, which can effectively control the harm after the spinach is planted. Some diseases usually occur on the shoots. The seeds are usually mixed evenly with clofidazole or flupirizine before sowing, which is a pre-sowing precaution(plastic nursery pots wholesale). If the seedlings have grown, you can dilute with clopidogrel or flupirizine water and spray on the seedlings.(bulk buy black 1 gallon plant pots)

How to manage spinach, how to manage high quality and high yield(112 cell trays bulk)? Choose a plot with high terrain, deep soil, fertile, good ventilation and rich in organic matter. Before planting or planting, the base fertilizer is applied. The base fertilizer is mainly high-quality organic fertilizer. It can apply 4000 kg of high-quality decomposed farmyard manure, 100 kg of cake fertilizer, 30 kg of diammonium phosphate and 15 kg of potash(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Then carry out deep turning, fine boring, ridges, ridge height of about 15 cm, and do the drainage ditch and irrigation ditch.

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