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Bulk Buy Black Plastic Gallon Flower Pots Canada

It should be noted that the time from seeding to harvesting of seedlings is about 14 days(propagation tray), and the height of the seedlings is about ten centimeters long. The time from the seeding to the receipt of the sprouts is about eight to ten days. There are differences in different varieties, so that the shoots are not red and not rot. Vegetables need to eat fresh, not succulent vegetables have problems(greenhouse supplies pots)? If you eat fresh vegetables, the following aspects may make the nutrition and health value of vegetables greatly reduced.

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(bulk buy black plastic gallon flower pots canada)During the process of placing the vegetables(plug trays), as the vegetables are placed for a prolonged period of time, the water is lost, resulting in the loss of water-soluble vitamins, especially the water-soluble vitamin C content. From a nutritional point of view, when vitamin C is reduced to 60% of the original content, vegetables are not fresh. Moreover, vitamin C is oxidized and then enters the body(plastic grow pots), which not only does not provide nutritional value to the body, but also consumes the body's antioxidant substances.

The longer the vegetables are placed, the more susceptible they are to microbial infection(gallon plant pot). The reproduction of microorganisms not only destroys the nutrients of vegetables, but also reduces the quality of vegetables, and produces toxic and harmful substances. Vegetables absorb nitrogen in the soil, and it is easy to present nitrogen in the form of nitrates, and then synthesize amino acids and proteins(flat plastic tray). The nitrate is reduced by the vegetable itself or the nitrate reductase produced by the bacteria to produce nitrite.

(bulk buy black plastic gallon flower pots canada)Sowing: Wash the plastic trays before planting(cell trays), water management: watering once a day after sowing, buds grow up to harvest, and spray water 2 to 3 times a day. Temperature management: Sprout production generally requires a temperature of 20-25 °C. Among the various vegetables, the dark green leafy vegetables contain the highest nitrate, so these vegetables are more likely to produce nitrite after they are not fresh(square nursery pots). Different varieties have differences, and the degree of young and edible is good.

Otherwise, the germination rate is low, the growth is slow, the budding is not uniform, or moldy(gallon nursery pots). If the air is dry, it is recommended to keep the humidity in the transparent bag of the tray jacket. At the beginning of the seed state, water spray is suitable for all the paper to be soaked, and it is not suitable for water accumulation. If you find that the paper is a bit dry, spray it immediately. That is, after the root system grows, as the root system becomes more and more developed(seed starter trays), more and more water is needed, and the water spray needs to cover the root system as a standard.

(bulk buy black plastic gallon flower pots canada)Take out the breathable bag or open the bag from the bag during the day, do not put it in direct sunlight(black plastic plant pots). Even if there are already sprouting, as long as there are ungerminated seeds, the bag is still moisturized and kept in the evening. The pine bud sprouts can be harvested more, and each time the position is cut at the newly grown node, after the cut, a new axillary bud is grown at the leaf mites(wholesale greenhouse pots. It is a radish sprout, which is the germination after a day of sowing, and it is broadcast in spring in March.

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