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Bulk Buy Cheap 10 Inch Plastic Plant Pots

Because of the strong growth, the flower mud is dry(propagation tray), the leaves are wilting, and the water is sprayed. Bougainvillea (ie, bougainvillea) flower buds are large, colorful and flowery, and last for a long time, suitable for planting or potted plants. The bougainvillea has a high ornamental value and is used as a climbing flower cultivation for the wall in southern China(gallon nursery pots). 

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(bulk buy cheap 10 inch plastic plant pots)It is very eye-catching at the entrance to the porch, courtyard and hall(flat plastic tray). The shape of the bougainvillea bonsai is mainly pruned, supplemented by lashing. It is also possible to find several bougainvillea of different varieties and then plant them together and dock them. After the bougainvillea gradually grows and the basic shape has been determined, the bougainvillea is loosened(square nursery pots). 

In addition, after the north potted plant, after the abutment, under the abutting part can be regarded as the root of the bougainvillea(plug trays), the root can be bent according to their own needs, or can be matched with stones to create the effect of the boulder. Note that the growth process of the entire plant should adopt a method that promotes growth, and no method of inhibition can be adopted. It can also be used for bonsai, hedges and trimming.

And we need to cut off the skin of the joint of the plant and then align the layer to make the joint. The shape of the bougainvillea bonsai can be properly shackled and supported according to actual needs. We will grow a lot of branches when we are connected to the above part(wholesale greenhouse pots). At this time, we need to trim our bougainvillea, and we must also pay attention to whether it is biased with the shape of our heart.(bulk buy cheap 10 inch plastic plant pots)

During the Spring Festival, the green leaves set off with bright red cymbals, as if the peacocks were on the screen, which was particularly eye-catching. Timely irrigation, to control the top of the plant(plastic grow pots), to promote the buds of the lower part of the plant, control the length of the branches, and accelerate the growth of the side branches to achieve the purpose of modeling. (bulk buy cheap 10 inch plastic plant pots)

According to the modeling needs, the timing of topping and picking is determined during the growth period of the bougainvillea; according to the height of the plant, the branching part is determined to determine the topping part(cell trays). Generally speaking, the stem tip 4-6 leaves can be topped, and the new shoot branch leaves at 2 leaves and leaves 4 leaves. After the side shoots are strong, remove 1-2 leaves and leave 2-3 leaves.

The saplings can be shackled according to the shape(gallon plant pot). The buds that do not need to leave the branches are removed to reduce the consumption of nutrients and accelerate the formation of the culture. If gibberellin is administered at this time, the celery hollow phenomenon will be further aggravated. The appearance of hollow symptoms is mainly due to insufficient or excess fertilizer, and low temperature and dryness are also an important reason(seed starter trays). 

Keep warm and cold, use less or disable gibberellin(greenhouse supplies pots). Plant splitting is mainly caused by some cultivation methods that inhibit growth in the early stage of growth, and later promote growth, which causes the plants to expand rapidly. Symptoms: With the growth and development of the plant, longitudinal cracking occurs at the base of the petiole of the outer blade of the stem base(black plastic plant pots). 

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