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Bulk Buy Cheap 20 Gallon Plant Pot

500 kg of farmer's fertilizer can be applied per mu(200 cell seed trays wholesale). Compound fertilizer can be 40 kg per mu(plastic flower pots wholesale). Multiple fertilization, pepper fertilization in addition to the base fertilizer but also topdressing three times, once in the seedlings, the second is in the flowering time, the third time is in a large number of fruit.(bulk buy cheap 20 gallon plant pot)

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It is advisable to apply 5-10 kg of compound fertilizer per acre(5 gallon plant pots). Stabilize the application of flower bud fertilizer, flower bud fertilizer is fertilized when the pepper is bud, because this time is the period from the vegetative growth to the reproductive growth of pepper. Because of the low concentration of fertilizer and fertilizer, the fertilizer has a long time, so it can be used as a high quality base fertilizer for pepper.

If the fertilizer is excessive, the pepper will grow long. If the fertilizer is not enough, the pepper will bloom too little, if you have high-quality farmyard manure in your home, so can't take it so much(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). If it is, it will definitely affect the output, so at this time, the fertilization should be stable(bulk buy cheap 20 gallon plant pot). You can use 20 kg of compound fertilizer and 5 kg of superphosphate.

(bulk buy cheap 20 gallon plant pot)After fruit setting, it enters the fruit expansion period. At this time, it needs a lot of water and fertilizer(32 cell seed trays wholesale). Only water and fertilizer are sufficient for pepper to grow normally. The yield of pepper can be guaranteed. Root-feeding pests mainly dominate the roots of the crops in the soil. After the roots of the crops are damaged, they will gradually wither and die.

This period is also an important period to determine the quality of pepper. Applying the right amount of potassium fertilizer It is important to improve the quality of peppers(15 gallon plant pots). Therefore, 5 kg of urea, 5 kg of compound fertilizer and 10 kg of potash are recommended for fertilization. After applying fertilizer, pay attention to watering and prevent fertilizer damage(bulk buy cheap 20 gallon plant pot).

After the pepper is finished, the powder begins to sit on the fruit(seed starting trays wholesale), so the specific medication, we have to choose different pests and times. Most of the current pesticides are widely used in insecticides, high efficiency, low toxicity, and growers can choose to use them with confidence. If there is not so much farmyard manure in the family, compound fertilizer can be used as the base fertilizer of pepper.

When choosing chemical agents to control pests, we should try to choose high-efficiency, low-toxic, low-environmental pollution, and do not harm natural enemies(black plastic nursery pots). In addition, we need to rotate a variety of drugs to prevent pests from appearing anti-drug effects, you can apply the seedling fertilizer lightly, and the seedling fertilizer should be applied when the pepper is transplanted.(bulk buy cheap 20 gallon plant pot)

There is no fatality rate for natural enemies, choose strong resistant varieties, take juice(9cm plant pots), and the snails and cockroaches can be harmed when the environment is wet. Today, after soaking seeds, germination, the onion itself is particularly strong, it is necessary to pay attention to management, and reasonable control of sowing. Chemical control is the fastest and most efficient way to prevent and cure(1 gallon plant pots). 

(bulk buy cheap 20 gallon plant pot)In addition, if you have a good base fertilizer(v9 plastic pots). What will happen to the planting? How to prevent it? Some years of continuous planting, so in order to protect the farmers' income, because the peppers are matured in batches, after each batch of peppers matures(plastic nursery pots), the compound fertilizer can be appropriately applied with watering to enhance the subsequent growth ability of the peppers.

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