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Bulk Buy Cheap 23 cm Plastic Plant Pots

Generally, the sweet potato field bottom fertilizer should be based on farmyard manure and supplemented by chemical fertilizers(plastic plant trays wholesale). It should also be combined with soil fertility, soil quality and fertilizer efficiency. For fertile land, apply less base fertilizer and avoid applying high nitrogen fertilizer(gallon pot). The amount of bottom fertilizer applied to sandy land blocks may be less appropriate and should be applied as appropriate. Topdressing can be more appropriate.(bulk buy cheap 23 cm plastic plant pots)

It can be applied in a thin manner and should be matched with a suitable amount of nitrogen fertilizer(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). The plot of 1,500-2,000 kilograms of fresh sweet potato per mu requires 2,500-4,000 kilograms of organic fertilizer per mu; 2,500-3,500 kilograms of land per mu, and 5000-7000 kilograms of organic fertilizer per mu. For plots with a yield of more than 4,000 kg per mu, it is required to apply 7500 to 12500 kg of organic fertilizer(105 cell plant trays bulk), 40 kg of superphosphate, and 100 to 150 kg of ash.

(bulk buy cheap 23 cm plastic plant pots)Unfertilized organic fertilizer can not be absorbed by roots after being applied to the soil(large plastic terracotta pots). In the later high temperature and rainy season, the base fertilizer will decompose rapidly, resulting in long stems. Since the unfertilized fertilizer is not fine or broken, it will affect the soil moisture. Organic fertilizers and fertilizers should be applied in layers. The organic fertilizer has slow effect and long fertilizer effect(128 cell plant trays bulk). It should be applied to the inner layer of the underarm.

The water is not enough(nursery plant pots). Fertilizers with stable and long-lasting fertilizers are applied in combination with fertilizers with fast-acting fertilizers, slow-acting fertilizers and quick-acting fertilizers. The application amount of the base fertilizer of the clay land block may be more appropriate to improve the soil structure. It can loosen the soil, facilitate the growth of the roots, and enable the lower layer of nutrients to continuously grow(162 cell plug trays supplier). Doll dishes are not unfamiliar to everyone. 

In addition, the application of chemical fertilizer to the upper layer of the sputum can promote the early development of potato seedlings(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). This can meet the nutrient requirements of different growth stages of the aboveground and underground parts of the seedlings. We often see them in our table(200 cell plug trays supplier). The doll dishes are not only delicious, but also rich in nutrients, such as trace elements and rich vitamins, which can make up for the lack of traces in the body element.(bulk buy cheap 23 cm plastic plant pots)

Most farmers have chosen a large area to grow doll dishes(square grow pots). But at the moment of growing doll dishes. Be sure to master the steps of planting the dolls to make the dolls develop better. Next, let's take a look at the planting steps of the doll dish. To grow a doll dish, you must choose a fertile ground. And you have to choose the water that is easy to water and easy to grow. The development period of the doll dish is very short(200 cell plant trays bulk). The base fertilizer is the most important.

(bulk buy cheap 23 cm plastic plant pots)The demand for fertilizer is large, and the fertilizer containing more nutrients is less applied, and the fertilizer containing less nutrients is applied more(cell trays). In order to meet social needs. The productivity of the doll dish is very high. About 4,000 kilograms of organic fertilizer per mu is mixed and about 30 kilograms of calcium phosphate and potassium sulfate are buried in the soil(32 cell plant trays bulk). It can effectively make nutritious ingredients in the process of developing the baby dish.

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