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Bulk Buy Cheap 5 Inch Plastic Flower Pots Philippines

Generally, it is not suitable to select chlorine fertilizer, volatile nitrogen fertilizer, and try to control nitrate nitrogen fertilizer(15 cell trays bulk). Generally, for vegetables with short growth period or with roots, stems and leaves as the harvest, 1 / 2-1 / 3 of nitrogen fertilizer, all of phosphorus, potassium and micro fertilizer can be used as the base fertilizer(13cm plastic grow pots), pay attention to balance fertilization, and the vegetables can be fished out and dried.

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However, for melons and fruits(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers), 1 / 3 of nitrogen, 2 / 3 of phosphorus and potassium, and all micro fertilizers can be used as base fertilizers, and the other nitrogen and phosphorus and potassium fertilizers can be used as top fertilizers in different times(21 cell trays bulk). At present, the principle of fertilization should be to control nitrogen, at the peak of the results, reduce phosphorus, stabilize potassium and apply micro fertilizer.

(bulk buy cheap 5 inch plastic flower pots philippines)If the salt content is between 0.2% and 0.3%, it is not suitable to use chemical fertilizer as base fertilizer(gallon pot). Like to wet the soil, the amount and times of irrigation should be increased appropriately, and those with deeper roots in the soil, such as watermelon, melon, Luffa, tomato, zucchini, should be more drought resistant, loose film mulching(32 cell trays bulk), so the amount and times of irrigation should be reduced as much as possible.

Different growth periods have different requirements for soil moisture(plastic plant trays wholesale), the root system has weak water absorption capacity at seedling stage, and it is required to control water and squat seedlings to promote roots at the t-growing stage with higher soil moisture; it is required to water the hygroscopic vegetables frequently, and the relative humidity of the topsoil layer is kept at about 85%(50 cell trays bulk); for the drought resistant vegetables.

It is better to keep the water temperature in the range of 20-25 ℃(seed starting trays). If the temperature is higher than 28 ℃, the root system of vegetables will be damaged and the diseases of vegetables in greenhouse will be caused. In the plastic greenhouse, how to determine the suitable period, temperature, quantity and method of irrigation is the key to realize rational irrigation(98 cell trays bulk), it is not suitable to supply too much water at this stage.(bulk buy cheap 5 inch plastic flower pots philippines)

In addition, the nitrogen fertilizer was applied as top dressing in different times in the growth period(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). The technology is characterized by low cost and no secondary pollution. Spring sowing should not be carried out too early, because the seeds will bolt and bloom in advance after vernalization due to the influence of early spring cold after emergence(plastic seed trays), and will not be effective when the growth period is completed in the same year.

(bulk buy cheap 5 inch plastic flower pots philippines)Compared with the application of sulfur-containing fertilizer, the yield of watermelon has no obvious change, but the quality of watermelon is very different(square grow pots). In order to ensure the quality of watermelon, do not use chlorine fertilizer, ensure adequate supply of phosphorus and potassium nutrients, pay attention to the application of farmyard fertilizer and cake fertilizer, and choose to plant in soil or sandy soil(plastic garden pots wholesale).

However, the goal of coated slow-release fertilizer is to control the ammoniation and nitrification process of water-soluble nitrogen fertilizer(162 cell seed starting trays), mainly urea (or ammonium nitrate), reduce the loss and improve the utilization rate of nitrogen fertilizer. Its advantage is that it can effectively improve the nitrogen utilization rate in accordance with China's national conditions(105 cell trays bulk), so it has a broad application prospect in the Chinese market.(bulk buy cheap 5 inch plastic flower pots philippines)

If we don't grasp the technology of film mulching and fertilization well(200 cell seed starting trays), it will not only increase the cost, but also reduce the income; there are also the same crops planted year after year, some of which have rough quality of land preparation, insufficient moisture, and it is cheaper than most slow-release fertilizers, and greatly reduced the effect of fertilization(12.5cm plastic grow pots). Soak the seeds in 30 ℃ ~ 40 ℃ warm water for 4 hours before sowing.

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