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Bulk Buy Cheap 8 Inch Plastic Plant Pots Philippines

The principle of irrigation is: production practice has proved that in fertile gardens(square nursery pots), the application of 7500 kg of high-quality pig manure as a base fertilizer, and the appropriate topdressing of chemical nitrogen fertilizer, can basically meet the needs of summer cucumber growth and development(bulk 4 gallon pots). Rainfall in the northern region is generally concentrated from July to August, accounting for more than 70% of the total annual precipitation.

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Therefore, the summer cucumber seedlings in the last sentence from the end of May to June often dry early, but they are also prone to flooding from July to August(cell trays). Controlling the seedling stage without squatting, the fertilizer and water will increase after melon formation, and the fertilizer and water will become smaller in the later stage(3 gallon pots manufacturer), which requires more water and fertilizer than ordinary crops, increase production by 16%.(bulk buy cheap 8 inch plastic plant pots philippines)

Summer cucumber downy mildew often starts when the cotyledons appear, which is extremely harmful(gallon plant pot). In the case of 4410 plants per acre, double-plant sowing increases the yield by 4.4% compared with single-plant sowing (this is because the double-plant sowing is dense, but the hole distance is thin, which is favorable for ventilation). Summer cucumbers grow fast, easy to suffer frost damage(cheap 2 gallon container), have large leaf areas, and have high transpiration.

In recent years, bacterial angular spot disease has also spread, followed by powdery mildew(gallon nursery pots). According to the test of the relevant unit, 800% solution of 25% wettable erysipelas powder is used, so it is generally sprayed every 15 days and sprayed a total of 3 times(2 gallon plant pots manufacturer). Use 40% wettable ethyl phosphorus aluminum powder 300 times solution, spray every 7 days, a total of 5 sprays, the prevention and treatment effect of the above diseases can reach 72%.

(bulk buy cheap 8 inch plastic plant pots philippines)Among them, the cellar mouth and the vent holes should be opened frequently to ventilate and dissipate heat(plug trays). If the guest temperature or the heap temperature is too high, the heap should be inverted to dissipate the heat. Weak breathing, very little heat release, coupled with the low temperature, pay attention to cold and heat preservation(bulk half gallon pots); the effect of new phytomycin to prevent bacterial angular spot disease can reach about 76%.

After harvesting the previous crops, deep plowing and stubble (depth about 15 cm), fine rake 2 times, pick up debris and stubble(propagation tray). Can increase yield by more than G0% compared with spring sowing. This method can save species, and has the effect of purifying and rejuvenating(nursery plant pots). When sowing, it is necessary to open a deep groove of about 10 cm, and cover the soil by 6 to 7 cm after sowing, so as to protect Baoyong.(bulk buy cheap 8 inch plastic plant pots philippines)

Use a blade to intercept the side branches of a 10 cm long locally unrecovered potato ground stem with more than 2 leaf buds(flat plastic tray), soak them in 100PPm ~ 200PPm naphthaleneacetic acid aqueous solution for 30 minutes, then spread out to dry, fold and spread them on the sand bed or spread In the cool bed with clean damp soil, after 15 ~ 20 days(black plastic plant pots), the seedlings can be moved into the field after rooting and spreading the leaves.

Potato storage customers come in many forms(plastic grow pots). The summer-seeded potatoes have a fast emergence and early potato formation. The aboveground plants are 10 to 15% shorter than the spring potatoes. They should be properly densely planted. Generally, 7000 plants are planted per mu(seed starter trays). Apply about 700 kg of rot ring fertilizer per mu as base fertilizer, and apply 10 ~ 12 kg of ammonium sulfate or urea as seed fertilizer per mu.

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