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Bulk Buy Cheap Black 200 Gallon Grow Bags

Lavender is the first choice for many potted plants because of its scent and high ornamental value(gallon plant pot). In fact, lavender can be propagated by sowing, cutting, layering, and stalking. Comprehensive consideration, as a home potted user, the use of cuttings to breed potted seedlings. Cutting is a means of breeding young plants that many flower plants often use(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). It is not only easy to operate, but also has a high survival rate.

Below, Xiaobian will share with you the lavender cutting method(cell trays)! The lavender cutting propagation can be carried out in the spring and autumn, which can be carried out from the midday of the first year of the Mid-Autumn Festival. Even in the summer, you can cut the twigs and cut them into alive. However, the summer temperature is too high, the natural requirements for the cutting environment are relatively high(plastic plant trays wholesale), we must do a good job of moisturizing, otherwise the cutting seedlings will easily become withered due to dehydration.

(bulk buy cheap black 200 gallon grow bags)The quality of the cuttings will directly affect the survival of the cuttings(gallon nursery pots). We usually choose well-developed robust shoots as cuttings. Generally, the strong branches are cut from the adult plants for cutting, and the branches are cut at an oblique angle from the first leaf at a distance of about 10 cm(large plastic terracotta pots). If there are flowers on the branches, the flowers should be cut off, and about 2/3 of the leaves on the cuttings should be removed to avoid the consumption of nutrients after cutting.

Firstly, the perlite and peat soil are mixed and matched in equal proportions, and then mixed as a cutting substrate(plug trays). Then, the cutting substrate is sprayed with water, and the prepared cuttings are inserted into the substrate to a depth of about 3 cm. Finally, the placed seedling pots are placed in a place where they can receive scattered light and are well ventilated. During the period, do a good job of moisturizing and moisturizing(square grow pots), avoid direct sunlight, and take root and shoot when it is about 3-4 weeks.(bulk buy cheap black 200 gallon grow bags)

Then, when the seedlings are rooted and sprouted, they should be gradually provided with light(propagation tray), and pay attention to adjust the temperature and maintain the appropriate humidity, which can better promote the long roots of the seedlings, so that the seedlings can maintain a good growth. The lavender seedlings are sensitive to moisture, so the watering should not be too much, and the water should not be served. It is better to keep the soil slightly dry(nursery plant pots). After the cutting seedlings have been grown for 2 months, we can transplant and colonize.

(bulk buy cheap black 200 gallon grow bags)Before the germination of early spring lavender, the lavender should be trimmed(black plastic plant pots). The purple flowers bloom across the hillside. After the lavender enters the winter, the upper branches gradually wither and must be cut, and the snow is easy to break the branches. And then resume normal maintenance management. Can lavender be cut? However, the temperature in autumn is mostly between 15-25 °C, which is most suitable for cutting lavender(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). And the late transfer is also very convenient.

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