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Bulk Buy Cheap Black Plant Pots

AeroFarms is a leading plant industry leader in the United States, founded in 2004(plastic nursery pots). In New Jersey, it is the first company to sell vegetables to neighboring Ithaca agricultural products markets, and currently has five plant factories. In 2016, AeroFarms decided to build the world's largest vertical farm in Newark(20 cell propagation trays wholesale). Nearly 70,000 square feet of facility can produce 2 million pounds of vegetables and spices per year.

(bulk buy cheap black plant pots)And it will save 95% of water compared to crops grown in ordinary fields(plastic nursery pots wholesale). The plant cultivation module equipment is used to control the growth environment of plants, such as the proportion of light and nutrient solution. Light formula is not a new term. As its name suggests, it can be configured with different light depending on the needs of different plants(288 cell propagation trays wholesale). These light replaces sunlight for photosynthesis in plants, and nutrient solution replaces soil.

The beauty of nutrient solution is that it can turn the vegetables produced by the “plant factory” into “functional vegetables” according to the needs of the human body(black plastic nursery pots). The prototype of this vertical small farm is a hydroponic system in which the crop grows in water filled with the right amount of mineral nutrients. Lokal uses stackable trays and climate control boxes(112 cell propagation trays wholesale). The bottom of the tray is a nutrient solution instead of soil, and the top is an LED light that replaces the sun and acts as a light source.

(bulk buy cheap black plant pots)The production, quality management and mass production technology of advanced manufacturing plants are used in vegetable cultivation(plug trays wholesale), and the high-quality, high-productivity stable harvest of vegetable cultivation is realized through the management of factors such as planting environment, lighting, nutrient solution, and carbon dioxide concentration. At the same time, the improvement of the yield of vegetable cultivation, the energy conservation of the nature of the factory(200 cell propagation trays wholesale), the environmental protection, the industrialization, the labor saving, and the increase in the added value of vegetables are also realized.

Through artificial intelligence to automatically control light(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), air and nutrients, the vegetables produced have the advantages of green, non-polluting and high nutrient content, mainly for the local market. Using LED as a plant artificial radiation source, the lighting conditions, temperature and carbon dioxide concentration are set in advance by computer program, and daily maintenance such as nutrient solution filling is carried out regularly(162 cell propagation trays wholesale). The efficiency is high, the production cycle is short, and the soil is planted in the natural environment. Up to 8 times.

(bulk buy cheap black plant pots)Functional ingredients such as arugula can be added to vegetables by simply changing the way they are grown(wholesale nursery pots). Retailers and growers can use Philips-specific implant formulations based on LED lighting technology to meet the growing demand for functional foods for health-conscious consumer groups. Vitamin C content is closely related to the shelf life of vegetables(128 cell propagation trays wholesale). Higher vitamin C levels when arugula is harvested can also help retailers extend the shelf life of green vegetables.

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