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Bulk Buy Cheap Black Plastic 1 Gallon Pots

New seeds with high purity and clarity, full grain and no pollution(wholesale nursery pots). In particular, the seeds of camphor are easily lost in germination under high temperature conditions, and more attention should be paid to the selection of new seeds without summer. Using such seeds to grow sprouts, the seedlings grow fast, stout, slow fiber formation, high yield, soft and non-polluting. The selected seeds are washed with water of 20 to 30 ° C for 2 to 3 times(21 cell trays bulk), and then soaked with water of 2 to 3 times the volume of the seeds.

(bulk buy cheap black plastic 1 gallon pots)The winter time is slightly longer, and the summer is slightly shorter(black plastic nursery pots). Generally, the peas are 18 to 24 hours, the toona is 12 to 20 hours, the buckwheat is 24 to 36 hours, and the radish is 6 to 8 hours. After soaking seeds, remove the seed mucus, drain excess water, put the seeds into a flat-bottomed container, cover the wet towel, place the peas at 18-22 °C, and place the citron at a constant temperature of 20-23 °C(32 cell trays bulk). After 48 hours of peas, buckwheat and citron, the radish can be sown for 2 to 3 mm after 24 hours.

The amount of peas per plate is 350-400 grams(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), 150-170 grams of buckwheat, 80-100 grams of radish, 30-50 grams of citron. After sowing, the seedlings are neatly stacked together, covered with black plastic film, peas in 18 ~23 ° C, buckwheat, radish 20 ~ 25 ° C, citron 20 ~ 23 ° C temperature "stack germination"(50 cell trays bulk), 2 days after the buds up to 2 ~ 3 cm, you can "sit" the seedling plate, and at this temperature begin to see Light growth.(bulk buy cheap black plastic 1 gallon pots)

Light:sprouts, doll radish dishes need strong light, seedlings citron need medium light, Long peas adaptability is strong(plastic nursery pots wholesale). Otherwise, the cellulose will form early, affecting the quality. If the light is too weak or insufficient, the buds will be weak and cause lodging and rot. Moisture: Since the sprouts are fresh and juicy, they must be replenished frequently(72 cell trays bulk). Spray or spray 2 or 3 times a day to moisten the substrate and not drip a lot.(bulk buy cheap black plastic 1 gallon pots)

Intensive seedling technology is urgently needed to solve production contradictions(plug trays wholesale). Note that during the growth of sprouts, the light should not be too strong. Generally, the tray of 60×25×5 cm should be selected with a germination rate of over 95%. Wash the seeding tray and pudding at the bottom of the tray. Layers of white paper or old newspapers, so that the paper absorbs enough moisture, spread the germinated seeds evenly on the wet substrate, spray less when it is rainy or cold, and spray at high temperature and dry(98 cell trays bulk). Ventilation: Maintain ventilation every day to adjust temperature and humidity.

China is the world's largest vegetable producer and consumer(plastic nursery pots). The country's vegetable planting area is 320 million mu, ranking second in the planting industry with a total output of 700 million tons. The meeting was a complete success. China's intensive seedlings have developed rapidly, and a large number of intensive nursery farms with an annual seedling capacity of more than 5 million vegetables have emerged, which strongly support and lead the development of modern vegetable industry(105 cell trays bulk), and has become a hot spot for social capital investment in modern agriculture.

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