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In order to get fruit in the second year, urea can be toped once in late May, 10 kg per mu, to meet the demand of nitrogen fertilizer(162 cell seed starting trays). The second topdressing is from the late June to the early July. Each mu is topdressing with 10kg urea, 15kg superphosphate and 10kg potassium sulfate(6 inch plastic plant pots). The third application was in the first and middle of September, and 2500 kg of rotten farmyard manure was applied per mu for use in the next spring.

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At the same time, from the first year of transplanting Schisandra chinensis, the methods and types of fertilization are basically the same(200 cell seed starting trays), but the amount of fertilization in the future should be increased according to the growth degree of the tree, and the period of fertilization should be based on the growth and development characteristics(4 inch nursery pots). In addition, when spraying urea, the content of biuret shall not exceed 0.5% to avoid damaging the leaves.(bulk buy cheap fabric 15 gallon grow bags uk)

For example, from late May to early June, it is the flowering period of Schisandra chinensis and the growth peak of new shoots(15 cell trays bulk). From late June to early August, it is the fruit expansion period. From late July to mid August, it is the flower bud formation period and the second growth peak of new shoots(20 gallon plastic pots). The method is to open a ditch 0.3m deep and mix the three fertilizers into the soil evenly. However, the summer type of multi meat can still grow as usual.

(bulk buy cheap fabric 15 gallon grow bags uk)Schisandra chinensis needs a large amount of fertilizer, so it is necessary to apply fertilizer in time, and it is also necessary to apply fertilizer on the leaves with quick effect and low cost(21 cell trays bulk). In June, 0.5% urea was sprayed twice every 7-10 days. After July, spray 0.3% potassium dihydrogen phosphate or plant amino acid solution 1-2 times, 200-250g per mu(15 gallon pots). Spray in the morning and evening to avoid spraying before storm heat and rain.

The first two times of topdressing should be combined with irrigation, the third time of fertilization can not be irrigated, and the soil should be covered after fertilization(32 cell trays bulk). Specific fertilization and water management, but also depends on transplanting quality, depth and seedling situation. Because the fertilizer dissolves slowly in the soil, it can continue to play a role in the whole growth period of rice, so the fertilizer utilization rate is significantly improved(plug plant trays).

The summer type of multi meat is in the growing period, which needs a little more water(50 cell trays bulk). Fertilizer should be applied every year. The rice seedling with machine inserted water is small and the slow seedling period is long, but the tiller growth is rapid after the slow seedling(v10 plastic pots). Therefore, it is necessary to combine rational fertilization with scientific water management to carry out comprehensive management on the basis of improving the quality of land preparation.(bulk buy cheap fabric 15 gallon grow bags uk)

At the same time, in water management, shallow water transplanting should be done to improve the quality of transplanting(98 cell trays bulk); at the tillering stage, appropriate dropping and drying should be done to promote the root system down and strong seedlings; at the booting stage(1 gallon pot), dry and wet alternation should be done, and the water layer should be kept in the filling stage to increase the number of grains per ear and the weight of grains.

(bulk buy cheap fabric 15 gallon grow bags uk)Generally speaking, when transplanting seedlings mechanically(105 cell trays bulk), it buries the chemical fertilizer in the paddy soil with a depth of 4-5cm and a distance of 5-6cm from the seedling belt. The total amount of fertilizer can be reduced properly and applied centrally in transplanting, but it is still necessary to pay attention to whether the late stage of fertilizer removal occurs(6 inch plastic nursery pots), if the fertilizer removal needs to be remedied in time, must not be mechanically copied.

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