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Green and oily, soft and delicious, it is also rich in trace elements needed by the human body(fabric bags wholesale). It is a kind of vegetable that the public likes to eat. Today, we will introduce how to plant spring spinach and spring spinach planting technology. From the end of March to mid-April, the soil surface can be sown when thawed(65 gallon grow bags). Put the seeds in warm water of about 40 degrees for about 4 hours, then dip them in cold water for 20 hours, then put the seeds in a moist towel and wait for the seeds to sprout.

It is usually planted by spreading, and the seeds are sprinkled in the vegetable pot to cover the soil thicker than the seed(black fabric bag). Apply organic fertilizer once a month. After applying the compound fertilizer or digging the pit, the organic fertilizer is buried in the soil and then watered. The spring spinach has a short growth period(grow bag greenhouse). In the case of water shortage and lack of fertilizer, it is easier to prematurely convulsion, which reduces the yield and quality.(bulk buy cheap green plastic hanging baskets)

Spring spinach should be harvested and listed in time according to the growth situation and market demand(4 inch pots bulk). Generally, it can be harvested 40-50 days after sowing. Spinach wilt is generally more serious in the adult stage. It is characterized by the darkening of the old leaves, the yellowing of the mesophyll, and the browning of the roots(smart grow pots). All of the fully decomposed organic fertilizers were applied, and sometimes the plants with early onset were significantly dwarfed. 

(bulk buy cheap green plastic hanging baskets)High temperature and humidity are beneficial to the disease(large potting pots); soil temperature is about 30 °C, soil is moist, fertilizer is not fully decomposed, underground pests, and nematodes are prone to disease. According to the climate and the humidity of the soil, the principle is to keep the soil moist. Spring spinach planting technology is introduced here(200 gallon grow bags). The germ can spread with rain and irrigation water and invade directly from the root wound or root tip.

When the weather is dry and the temperature is high, the diseased plant quickly sallows(9 inch plant pot). Under humid and low temperature conditions, the diseased plant can continue to survive for a period of time, and new lateral roots can be grown, but it will quickly die when exposed to high temperatures. The spinach wilt pathogen mainly stays in the soil or on the seeds for summer or wintering with the plant disease(18 inch plant pot). Seeds can be carried, and unfertilized manure can also be carried.

Spinach mix the organic fertilizer and soil in a ratio of 1:5 before sowing. Improve the disease resistance of plants(smart grow bags), use sorghum or ridge cultivation, timely drainage after rain, no water infiltration, and timely extraction of the central diseased plants, spraying 50% carbendazim WP 800 times in the diseased area and around(20 inch plastic planter), or 10% treatment of wilting water agent 300-400 times liquid, spray once every 15 days, 2-3 times in a row.

Spray the spray with a spray can. The protein content of spinach is higher than other vegetables(nursery grow bags), and contains a lot of chlorophyll, especially vitamin K is high in leafy vegetables (more in the roots), can be used for adjuvant treatment of nosebleeds and intestinal bleeding(plastic tree containers). The theory of spinach blood supplement is related to its rich carotenoids and ascorbic acid, both of which play an important role in health and blood.(bulk buy cheap green plastic hanging baskets)

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