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The growth period of mung beans is relatively short, and the growth period of the varieties currently used in production is generally between 90 and 115 days(seed starting trays). The appropriate sowing date should be selected according to the variety and soil conditions(seed starter trays). The varieties with shorter growth period and the plots with poor fertility should be broadcast late, and those with longer growth period and plots with better fertility conditions should be broadcast early.

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In general, mung beans can be sown by stalking on the ridge or on-demand(72 cell propagation trays wholesale). Apply appropriate amount of diammonium phosphate or three materials as seed fertilizer, the depth of covering soil is generally 4-5 cm, and according to the soil moisture, timely suppression and preservation. Rhizobium is a bacterium that is parasitic on the roots of legumes(nursery plant pots). It is a type of Gram-negative aerobic bacterium that promotes the abnormal proliferation of plants.

(bulk buy cheap greenhouse plant trays plastic)Conditionally, a variety of carbohydrates can be utilized and a substantial amount of extracellular mucus is produced(propagation tray). It can form root nodules from the root hairs of legumes and become branching polymorphic cells in the nodules. It uses nitrogen and other nutrients in the roots to fix nitrogen in the air(greenhouse supplies pots). By nitrogen fixation, it can convert nitrogen in the air into inorganic or organic nitrogen that can be utilized by plants, and is absorbed and utilized by plants.

Therefore, inoculation of Rhizobium is one of the most cost-effective measures to increase production(black plastic plant pots). Rhizobium of mung bean belongs to the same family as Rhizobium of beans such as adzuki beans, cowpeas and peanuts, and can be inoculated with each other(plastic grow pots). In particular, inoculation of Rhizobium on plots that have not been planted with bean crops for many years has a significant effect on increasing yield of mung beans.(bulk buy cheap greenhouse plant trays plastic)

It survives in the soil, normal cells move with flagella, no spores(plastic nursery pots wholesale). In the mung bean field, the plants with strong growth are selected, and the roots are excavated, placed in a cool place, and air-dried for inoculation for the second year of mung beans. Use 30-70g of rhizobium agent per acre, mix thoroughly with water, and mix well(200 cell trays bulk). In the last year's plot of planting mung beans, take some topsoil, mix it with the farmyard manure and apply it to the ground. The dosage per acre is about 100kg.

(bulk buy cheap greenhouse plant trays plastic)This part of the grain has a firm structure, poor water absorption and is not easy to germinate(square nursery pots). The sowing time is longer. The seeding amount is about 20kg. At the same time of sowing, the general inoculation amount is 20-25 root nodules per acre. Neutral or slightly acidic sandy loam soils with irrigation conditions are most suitable(flat plastic tray). That is to say, the growth of mung beans in relatively thin plots such as sand land or fertility is relatively high.

Mung bean nodules can supply nitrogen up to 50%-70% of the total nitrogen required by mung beans(15 gallon nursery pots wholesale). The sowing time of mung beans is from early May to early June, and it is generally most suitable for mid-to-late May. There are three main methods for inoculating Rhizobium in mung beans(112 cell trays bulk). Generally reasonable close planting, reasonable fertilization. When inoculation, the root nodules are chopped and evenly mixed on the seeds. 

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