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Yulu usually has crystal leaves that are crystal clear, round and full, and the viewing value is very high(gallon plant pot). However, in order to promote the growth of Yulu, let its ornamental effect achieve the effect of icing on the cake, sometimes we can also achieve it through sultry. It creates a relatively closed growth environment with stable temperature and humidity. The sultry of Yulu is suitable for the spring, autumn and winter seasons(square nursery pots). Because the summer temperature is too high, it is often not suitable for suffocation.

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(bulk buy cheap growing supply pots)Even if it is suffocating(black plastic plant pots), we can't always keep it in such a relatively closed environment, and it is ventilated regularly, otherwise it may lead to suffocation failure, and plants may also have poor growth. Then, how long does Yulu suffocate to get a wind? Under normal circumstances, it is generally recommended that you keep the hood open for ventilation once a week(seed starter trays), that is, open the hood inside and outside for one week.

If we have been placing the jade in a sultry environment without venting it(propagation tray), then sometimes the ambient temperature changes may occur and the temperature in the sultry environment will also increase. Yulu is often prone to causing rotten roots, roots and other phenomena in a humid and airtight environment. By periodically opening the cover to let the inside and outside pass the wind, it can avoid the high humidity(plastic grow pots), high temperature and airtight condition in the sultry environment, thus avoiding damage to the plants.

(bulk buy cheap growing supply pots)It can avoid the situation that the sedative environment breeds harmful bacteria to destroy the plants(cell trays). This is often very critical for the healthy growth of jade. However, even if it is a sultry Yulutong once a week, it is usually a week to open its cover for a long time. Then we will re-add the cover and continue to suffocate(wholesale greenhouse pots). Of course, ventilation is usually appropriate for a week or so, but it is not fixed.

Then, the correct way is to open the cover regularly for air exchange inside and outside(plug trays). Ventilation time should not be too long. If you are suffocating, add a cover for the Yulu pot. Not only that, but we also need to constantly observe whether there are water drops on the inner wall of the cover, especially when it is exposed to sunlight, it will be concentrated on the jade, causing burns(greenhouse supplies pots). Therefore, during the suffocating jade, it is often necessary to avoid direct light.

(bulk buy cheap growing supply pots)Sowing, one hole and one grain(gallon nursery pots). Small seeds: such as petunia, sprinkle directly on the soil, without covering the soil. Large-grain seeds: sweet pea, purple jasmine, nasturtium, and succulent Susan, etc., one grain and one grain are placed on the surface, and the thickness of the soil is 2-3 times the diameter of the seed. Cover the tray and place it in a shaded area. Open the lid every day for half an hour, and observe the lower tray(flat plastic tray). If the soil starts to dry, remember to spray the water to keep the soil moist.

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