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Bulk Buy Cheap Large Plastic Plant Containers Ireland

Treat the flowers of Menghong persimmon with two or four drops, the general drug concentration is 10-25ppm(32 cell seed starter trays). There are two kinds of powders and liquids in the two and four drops, and the dosage must be accurate when dispensing to avoid phytotoxicity or reduce the efficacy(7.48inch plastic plant pots). If it is a powder, you can first dissolve the powder in a small amount of 95% alcohol, and then use cold water to make the desired concentration, and each mu can harvest more than 4000 kg.

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The plant is particularly thick and short, and only long stems and leaves do not bear fruit, especially the inflorescences near the cracks(72 cell propagation trays). If it is liquid, it can be directly diluted with water. Two or four drops of spray must be applied before the tomatoes are about to bloom and have not been pollinated. The fruit does not grow too early, and it is too late to form fruitless fruit(plastic bonsai pots wholesale). For the spraying method, you can use a small sprayer or a brush to apply the potion to the stigma.

Because tomatoes have different flowering time, they should be processed again after 4 ~ 5 days(200 cell seed starting trays). Be careful not to get the syrup on the young stems or young leaves, otherwise phytotoxicity will occur. In order to promote the early ripening of tomatoes, the market is available in advance, and ethylene ripening can be carried out(7.88inch plastic plant pots). The harvested green fruits were treated with ethene at 4000ppm at the natural temperature in the room, and the redness effect was also very good.

It is best not to take the medicine at noon, rain or when there is dew(32 cell plug trays supplier). Ethephon is a plant growth hormone synthesized by chemical methods. When it enters the plant body, it can release the phytohormone ethylene, regulate the plant physiological process, promote growth and fruit ripening, and harmless to humans and animals(2.5 inch square plastic pots). Both increased sugar and vitamins, reduced acidity, is conducive to improving quality, and can increase output by about 30%.

After the stem splits, the slightly sag leaves sag and roll inwards(105 cell plug trays supplier). In the first and middle of May, spray the fruit with a concentration of 1000-2000ppm of Ethephon, spray the whole plant in late May to promote the ripening of the upper fruit. Generally can be matured 5 to 7 days early(bulk buy plastic plant pots). When using Ethylene to treat tomatoes, be sure to choose the fruit that has grown fully and the fruit part turns slightly yellow, otherwise it will affect the quality.

Found that the stem is cracked, first of all, it is necessary to suspend fertilization, delay pruning, disperse nutrients, and inhibit the growth of the main stem(50 cell plug trays supplier); secondly, spray Bordeaux solution and spray flowers with two or four drops to promote the results and inhibit longevity. Each branch can produce 2 ~ 3 sets, each set has an average of 3 fruits, each plant can pick 1.5 ~ 2 kg(5 gallon plastic nursery pots). You can also press the entire flower into the potion for a short period of time.

Cracking of tomato stems is a long phenomenon, mostly occurring in medium- and late-maturing varieties with strong growth potential(72 cell plant trays bulk). The young tomato stem is cylindrical, and when it grows long, the stem becomes partial cylindrical, and there are holes in the longitudinal fissures(4 inch plastic pots bulk). Timely and appropriate amount, re-application of base fertilizer, frequent application of top dressing, pay attention to the combination of three elements of ammonia, phosphorus, and potassium.

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