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Bulk Buy Cheap Large Plastic Plant Pots UK

In the summer, spinach can not be poured with large water during the growth period, which will cause serious rotten roots(large plastic terracotta pots), dead seedlings and rotten leaves, and even the end of production. Water should be poured according to the soil moisture, not to be dry, watering time should be selected in the morning or evening, avoid watering at noon high temperature(90mm plastic grow pots). After pouring, it can not only maintain lyricism, but also prevent moss growth.

(bulk buy cheap large plastic plant pots uk)Comprehensive control measures based on pharmacy suppression(gallon pot). The reproductive rate is high, mainly due to tenderness. Otherwise, before planting, when installing the sunshade net, it is necessary to leave the shed film 20 cm. Therefore, it is necessary to adhere to the prevention and control of agriculture(10cm plastic grow pots). Adults usually hide in the back of the leaves during the day, and in the heart of the leaves, they come out to eat in the evening or on cloudy days.

This method has the most significant cooling effect. It is best to use a mobile type to facilitate the handling of the roll(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). And when the spinach grows to 20~30cm high (about 35~40 days), it should be harvested in time. This can also be harvested according to the market price in advance or delayed by 1-2 days. But don't delay the time too long, because the summer temperature is high and easy to rotten, rotten leaves(9cm plastic grow pots), so the harvest period is not too late. Adults have a habit of blue and yellow. 

(bulk buy cheap large plastic plant pots uk)Create environmental conditions that are not conducive to the reproduction of pests(plastic plant trays wholesale). Adhere to early prevention and control, generally with seedlings and top leaves, flowers, and young fruits are seriously damaged. The insect is a small, sudden pest of the individual. Prevention and treatment measures: Because the insects are small, they often cause sudden damage, and the host has a wide range(104 cell propagation trays wholesale). In addition to vegetables and melons, they can also breed on a variety of crops and weeds.

The field is covered with blue or yellow plates to trap adult insects(seed starting trays), alternately used, and the plants on the ground and the ground are used simultaneously. 5% Regent suspension can be used 4000 times, 1% insecticidal EC 2000 times, 10% imidacloprid wettable powder 2000 times, 10% once 1000 times or 1.8% avermectin 5ml plus 4.5% high efficiency cyanide 15 ml of chrysanthemum is sprayed with 15 kg of water(51 cell propagation trays wholesale), once every 7-10 days, 2-3 times in a row.(bulk buy cheap large plastic plant pots uk)

The insect-proof net of 60~70 can be sealed around the arch shed or south of the greenhouse(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). It can not only affect the ventilation, but also prevent pests. It can also isolate the poisonous medium into the greenhouse and directly and indirectly reduce the pests and diseases. The eggplant fruit is killed, the chemical is controlled, the weeds in the field are removed, the water is properly irrigated, and the field is kept moist(40 cell plug tray wholesale). In the growing season of oilseed rape, the control of field water and nutrients. 

(bulk buy cheap large plastic plant pots uk)Oilseed rape requires a lot of nutrients during the growth process(square grow pots). It usually requires three fertilizations. When five or six leaves are grown, it is necessary to fertilize for the first time. In the second fertilization, the oily wheat is generally 20 cm long; the third fertilization is the best time for the oily wheat to be harvested. This is the key to disease prevention(10.5cm plastic grow pots). Due to the fertile soil in the greenhouse, spinach does not have to be topdressed throughout the growing season.

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