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Because the secondary growth part of the growth type seedlings in spring cannot be fully lignified in the autumn of that year(50 cell seed starter trays), they are not resistant to low temperature and early spring. For the growth type seedlings in spring, the growth is mainly the leaf growth, such as the expansion of leaf area(15 gallon pots distributor), the new tender and new essence gradually lignification, and the emergence of winter buds.

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From sowing to autumn, the growth of seedlings is different(72 cell seed starter trays). In different periods, the growth of aboveground part and root system and their requirements for environmental conditions are different. The annual growth period of seedlings in the year of sowing can be divided into four periods: emergence period, seedling period, fast-growing period and seedling hardening period(plastic nursery pots suppliers). Seedling stage is the young stage of seedlings.

(bulk buy cheap large plastic tree containers canada)The seedling stage is from sowing to seedling excavation(18 cell seed starting trays), when the true leaves grow on the ground (coniferous trees take off the seed coat) and lateral roots grow underground. Such as Chinese pine, Korean pine, chair pine and walnut, etc. After cold winter and early spring drying, the mortality rate is very high(3.54inch plastic plant pots). The growth rate of the above ground part of the seedlings changed from slow to fast. 

Larch and pine seedlings are sensitive to soil aeration. There are true leaves in the upper part of the are(20 cell seed starting trays)a. When lateral roots are produced underground, the seedling stage is over. The nutrition source of the seedling stage is mainly the nutrition stored in the seeds(plastic plant pots manufacturers). In addition to temperature, sowing time, soil moisture and nutrients, some tree species and seedlings also need ventilation conditions.(bulk buy cheap large plastic tree containers canada)

The duration of seedling stage varies greatly with species, germination intensity and annual climatic conditions, even if the same species is not the same in each year(40 cell seed starting trays). In spring, it takes about 10-21 days for the species with fast germination and 40-50 days for the species with slow germination(plastic plant pot suppliers). It takes days to two weeks to sow in summer, such as 7-10 days for Populus euphratica and tree inspection, and more than 10 days for mulberry.

(bulk buy cheap large plastic tree containers canada)The growth period of tree species in South China can reach 6-8 months(104 cell seed starting trays), and some of them can reach more than 9 months (except in tropical areas). In order to prevent secondary growth, irrigation and nitrogen application should be stopped timely after the fast-growing period(lavender plug trays). The number of leaves and the area of leaves of broad-leaved trees increase gradually after the true leaves are produced on the ground.

The high growth period of commercial trees is more than one month or even three months(105 cell seed starter trays). For example, sowing in spring in the north, covering the sowing land with plastic film, can not only keep warm and reduce water evaporation, but also shorten the emergence period. The whole growth type is a kind of tree species with long-term high growth in the whole growth season(deep propagation trays). The growth period of tree species in North China is 3-6 months.

The height growth was very slow in the early stage of seedling stage(50 cell plastic propagation tray wholesale price). However, the root system grew faster, from one generation of lateral root to multiple lateral roots, to the later stage of seedling stage, the main absorption depth of root system could be more than 10 cm(128 cell plug flats). The cotyledons of the seedlings of coniferous species have been peeled off and primary leaves have been produced at the growing point.(bulk buy cheap large plastic tree containers canada)

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