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3-5 days before the change of basin(plug trays wholesale), stop the water control treatment of gardenia, and then turn the basin upside down, gently tap the outer wall of the flowerpot, and quickly take the Gardenia off the basin. Pinch the Gardenia root slightly by hand, clean up about 1 / 3 of the old soil, and then use scissors to trim some weak roots slightly(seed starter trays), which is not easy to hurt the seedlings, remember not to clean up all the old soil.

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Today, gardenias like acid soil. They need to lay a layer of pine needles on the bottom of the pot in advance(15 gallon nursery pots wholesale). Besides nutrition, they can adjust the pH of the soil. First, put pine needles on the bottom of the pot, then take part in the 3-5cm nutrient soil, put the Gardenia with root soil in the pot(nursery plant pots), and then take part in the new nutrient soil, slightly compact it, and water it once to make it permeable. That's the end of changing the pot!(bulk buy cheap plant pots plastic)

Don't water it for a few days, and then move it back and forth along the inner wall of the pot with chopsticks or sticks. It's very easy to take it off the pot(72 cell propagation trays wholesale). Clean up the soil on the root system of Hupi orchid, cut off the rotten roots in real time, wipe with a little bit of carbendazim for sterilization and disinfection(greenhouse supplies pots). If there are too many in a basin, stop dividing plants, and separate the plants with small buds and plant them in other flowerpots.

Let's talk about how to change the pot of herb flowers(propagation tray)! The root system of Hupi orchid is shallow and easy to rot if you don't pay attention to it. After going to the basin, gently lift the root of Clivia near the basin soil with your hand. When taking off the pot, one hand holds the lower end of the Clivia stem, and the other hand buckles the flowerpot upside down(plastic grow pots), which makes it easy for Clivia to take off the pot.(bulk buy cheap plant pots plastic)

You can find some broken bricks and tiles, ceramsite or other large particles, and put a layer on the bottom of the basin to increase the permeability(black plastic plant pots). If you want tiger orchid to grow vigorously, you need to add some fertilizer. In addition to using rotten leaf soil and garden soil as nutrient soil, you can sprinkle a thin layer of eggshell in the basin(105 cell seed trays wholesale), and then grab a handful of cooked soybeans and throw them in to make up for the nutrients of Hupi LAN.

(bulk buy cheap plant pots plastic)Talk about the change of woody flower basin(plastic nursery pots wholesale)! Today, I replant the split tiger skin orchid in a large basin, water it once and put it in a cool and windy place, so that I can change the basin. What needs to be done next is that the growth of happiness tree is metabolizing all the time, and there will be old and dead leaves with yellow phenomenon(104 cell plug trays supplier). It is found that Clivia is relatively compact and not easy to fall out. This is the success of changing the basin!

For example, the fleshy root flowers such as Clivia, orchid, Chlorophytum and so on(square nursery pots), when spring comes to the fastest growing moment, the root system will be contracted, so it is necessary to prepare to change the basin! Before changing the basin for Clivia, pay attention to stop the water for 3-5 days, and ensure that the basin soil of Clivia is dry, so as to make it easier for Clivia to take off the basin(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). To change the pot for gardenia, you must choose a pot slightly larger than before. 

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