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Bulk Buy Cheap Plastic 1 Gallon Planters

Let's eat lettuce in general. We taste delicious, fresh and refreshing, so that many people like to eat him(large plastic terracotta pots). In fact, it is very simple to grow vegetables at home. It is simpler to plant on the balcony of your home. He is also a kind of vegetables that can be grown in the four seasons(12cm plant pots). Lettuce is more suitable for planting in autumn and winter. 

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Then, we usually have home lettuce, and there are no good cultivation methods(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). Because the seeds of lettuce are lighter and smaller, there are tricks in order to avoid too much sowing(120mm plastic grow pots). Mix the lettuce seeds with sand or soil and stir them, then sprinkle them in the pots, so that the planting will be more uniform.

(bulk buy cheap plastic 1 gallon planters)So as long as there are not too many stones, too hard soil can be. Keep the soil moist(plastic plant trays wholesale). If the temperature is extremely low, in order to allow him to germinate quickly, you can put a layer of plastic wrap on the planting pot and poke a few small holes so that he can breathe normally. 

Yang. Place it in a ventilated place on the balcony(110mm plastic grow pots). Nowadays, there is no need to put a cling film or a plastic bag. The temperature is just right, and it can be planted directly. How to simply grow lettuce? So choose to plant as long as it is fresh and not expired planting. Fresh leaves can be picked every day.(bulk buy cheap plastic 1 gallon planters)

If you see that the soil is dry, you should water him more(square grow pots). If you find that the seedlings are not growing very strong, just place them in the sun or add some new soil, and pour less water, so that the seedlings will quickly recover. , new state, excellent growth. Seedlings should not be over-densely planted, and they should be reasonably spaced apart.

If you want to grow a lot of vegetables, this is also a small trick(12.5cm plastic grow pots). First of all, you must cut the seedlings. When you grow to three young leaves, pull out the smaller ones and leave a big and strong one. When cutting the seedlings, if there are empty flower pots, you can continue to plant and transplant the seedlings, which will grow especially fast(bulk buy cheap plastic 1 gallon planters). 

The distance between the seedlings can grow bigger. Lettuce can also be transplanted(seed starting trays). The transplanted seedling height is not suitable for the sun. The exposure is first placed in a relatively cool place. Today, the seedlings have recovered their physical strength, and the day is strong(plastic terracotta pots wholesale). At this time, the sun can be common, and water is poured at regular intervals(bulk buy cheap plastic 1 gallon planters).

The pot must be filled with fertilizer(gallon pot). For example, it is best to place some agricultural fertilizer or some fertilizer for planting in the soil before planting to spoil the soil. During the seedling period, you can water some rice water and other effects, so that the lettuce will grow especially well. In short, it is best to plant lettuce with lower foot fertilizer and maintain plenty of sunshine(13cm plastic grow pots).

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