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Bulk Buy Cheap Plastic 1.5 Gallon Container Canada

In order to keep the seeds dry, the relative humidity of the air in the storage room should be controlled below 65%(plastic flower pots). When the moisture content of the seed is low, its respiration is weak, the aerobicity is very little, the ventilation is low, or the vitality can be preserved for a long time under the sealed condition(1 gallon pots). The carbon dioxide, water vapor and heat cannot be eliminated in time, which will affect the vitality of the seeds.

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During storage, the seed pile often contains a large number of microorganisms and insects(15 gallon nursery pots). In short, there are many factors that affect the vitality of seeds during storage, and they are interrelated and restrictive. Store fully dried seeds in a dry environment, called dry storage(2 gallon plant pots). When the moisture content of the seed is high, the respiration is strong. Sealed dry storage method is the best way to store seeds for a long time now.(bulk buy cheap plastic 1.5 gallon container canada)

Rats and other animals also cause harm to the seeds(square nursery pots). The degree of damage to the seeds by the organism is closely related to the temperature, humidity and seed moisture of the environment. Studies have shown that insects can be activated when the moisture content of seeds reaches 8% -9%, bacteria activation when they reach 9% -10%(seed starter trays), mold activation when they reach 12% -14%, and mold will develop rapidly when the temperature reaches 20 ℃.

(bulk buy cheap plastic 1.5 gallon container canada)Reducing the water content of seeds and controlling the temperature and humidity in the storage room can reduce the degree of biological harm suffered by the seeds. Under normal circumstances(1020 trays), the seeds themselves are in good condition, meeting certain quality requirements, and then given good external environmental conditions(5 gallons pots). Conversely, seeds with hard and dense seed coats and high fat content have low hygroscopicity.

Therefore, according to the level of seed moisture content, seed storage methods are divided into dry storage method and wet storage method(plastic seedling trays). This method requires certain low temperature and proper drying conditions(large plastic terracotta pots). It is suitable for seeds with relatively low safe water content, such as seeds of most conifers and poplar, plum, fruit, mulberry, stick, locust tree, ash, locust tree, saponin, Lou, apricot and other tree species.

Method is to put pure seeds that have been fully dried to a safe water content into sterilized containers for storage(7 gallon nursery pots). The seeds of most tree species are suitable for the ordinary dry storage method, which is also called short-term storage. Long-term storage is best sealed(black plastic plant pots). The degree of influence of aeration conditions on seed vitality is related to the water content of the seed itself, the relative humidity of the air, and the temperature.(bulk buy cheap plastic 1.5 gallon container canada)

All seeds with low safe water content, which need to be stored for a long time, or seeds with small grains and easy to absorb moisture such as poplar, willow, school tree, elm, etc., this method has good effect(10 gallon plant pot). It has been determined that protein can absorb liquid water up to 180% of its own weight, starch can reach 70%, and fat can hardly absorb water from the air(plant trays), so that the vitality of the seeds can be preserved for a long time.

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