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The fleshy first love is a kind of succulent flower, belonging to the sedum of the sedum, which originally did not exist(planting trays wholesale). Later artificial cultivation will grow out with the hybrid of a flower of the genus Anemone. However, her most deeply rooted image should be pink, but the first love is generally a gradual color(nursery supplies pots). It’s very nice to have one or two pots at home. The following small series will introduce the breeding points and maintenance methods of the fleshy first love.

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During the dormant period of summer heat plants, the amount of water is controlled(seed starting tray wholesale). The fleshy first love is as good as most fleshy, and the light is warm, dry and permeable. The only difference is that it is more drought-tolerant, the first meat development temperature is 15~30 degrees(nursery tray manufacturers), the summer can withstand 35 degrees high temperature, and the sun is higher than 35 degrees. In winter, it is no problem to stay in winter for more than 0 degrees.

I like to bask in the sun, and the fleshy first love plants in the sunshine are tight and elegant, and the leaves are thick and gorgeous(plastic plant pots wholesale nz). Spring, autumn and winter can be full of sunshine, summer sun is properly shaded, and the wind is cool. The fleshy first love can be changed in the spring and autumn according to the size of the plant(7 gallon plastic pots). The development period is about 20 days, and the fresh water fertilizer is applied. After the water is seen, the soil is boring and then watered.

(bulk buy cheap plastic 128 cell plug flats)The first love of fleshy remembers that watering can not be poured onto the heart of the leaf and the water in the basin will cause decay(mini plastic plant pots). The fleshy first love is muddy and loose, and can be viewed on the surface with nutritious soil, granular soil, perlite, etc. The winter temperature adheres to the abnormal development of water supply above 0 degrees, and the water is less than 0 degrees below winter to avoid frostbite(square plastic plant trays). A pot of daffodils can bring vitality to the cold winter.

In the spring and autumn, the leaves are inserted and the lateral buds are picked up(black plastic flower pots); the head can be cut and the small side buds will be blasted after the head is cut. The above is the breeding points and maintenance methods of the first fleshy love. The flower and fruit Xiaobian reminds everyone that the indoor friends who are in the first love of the house must give the first love more sun, the sunshine is not easy to grow(small plant pots plastic), it will turn green, but also insist on the room air. Unblocked.(bulk buy cheap plastic 128 cell plug flats)

Daffodil is one of China's top ten traditional flowers, and is also an internationally recognized precious flower, distributed in China, Japan and North Korea(seed cell trays). China's Zhejiang, Fujian, Taiwan and other places are wild. Born in the coastal hills and alluvial plains, the sex is warm and humid. It is suitable for loose and fertile soil and deep alluvial sandy loam(plastic succulent pots). PH5~PH7.5 should be suitable for growth. Then, I like the sunshine, and I planted the leaves in the shaded area without flowering.

(bulk buy cheap plastic 128 cell plug flats)There is a summer dormancy habit. In the upper and middle parts of June, the upper part of the ground is withered and enters a dormant period(large outdoor plastic plant pots). In November, it begins to grow and grows in the next year. It does not use soil. As long as you put a few stones in the pot, you can bloom beautiful flowers. The narcissus flower is famous for its large bulb head(plastic planting pots), many flowering branches, long flowering period and rich floral fragrance, especially during the Spring Festival.

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