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Bulk Buy Cheap Plastic 128 Cell Plug Trays

The temperature should not be too high or too low for a long time to avoid burning or powdering(plug trays). Before germination, if there is no warming equipment, the amount of seeds is small, and the time for soaking seeds can not be too long, especially when soaking seeds under high temperature and lack of oxygen, the temperature of the shed in the afternoon drops and germination, and the temperature of rice seeds can increase. Treated rice seeds can be germinated in their own homes or in greenhouses(greenhouse supplies pots). And open the aeration equipment for oxygenation and germination.

(bulk buy cheap plastic 128 cell plug trays)Never soak seeds in time, otherwise it will reduce the rate of germination(propagation tray). The dosage should be used strictly in accordance with the instructions, or consult agricultural technicians. Soaking seeds should be turned up and down to increase the seed bud and bud rate. If soaking with a small germination machine, the aerator can be turned on regularly. When soaking seeds with a small germination device, if it is cold at night(seed starter trays), you can turn on the temperature increasing equipment, the temperature is regulated at 12 degrees, or the temperature is increased regularly to prevent the rice seeds from freezing at night!

The soaked rice seeds can be preheated with warm water of 35-40 ° C first(gallon plant pot), so that the seed temperature reaches about 32 ° C as soon as possible, so that the seeds can be budded quickly. Increase the shoot and bud rate. When germination, it should be flipped every 3 to 4 hours to increase the oxygen permeability, avoid germination under the condition of hypoxia, make the seeds anaerobic and produce alcohol, poison the seeds(plastic grow pots), which will cause the rice seeds to not sprout, sprout or sprout. Long phenomenon.

(bulk buy cheap plastic 128 cell plug trays)Strictly control the germination temperature(cell trays). High temperature to break the chest, it is best to keep 28 ~ 32 ° C, the temperature of the broken chest is high, but not higher than 35 ° C. High temperature germination must increase oxygen. When the seed is 85% broken, the temperature of the rice seed is reduced to about 25-28 °C, and can not be higher than 30 °C, so that the rice bud is slow and the length of the seed bud is controlled at 1-2 mm(square nursery pots). When the rice seed buds are basically out, they can be used for sowing if they are germinated for more than 6 hours at around 5 °C.

In general, there are more germinations. The rice seeds are broken at 28 to 32 degrees(black plastic plant pots). When most seeds are broken, it is generally beneficial to oxygen. When the seeds reach 30 degrees, there are 30 to 36 hours. The rice seeds can be budded and budded. After the rice buds are released, they will immediately cool down and bud. When turning the rice buds on the rice, you must put a clean plastic bag on your feet or shoes to avoid bringing in bacteria(wholesale greenhouse pots), causing rotten seeds and rotten buds.(bulk buy cheap plastic 128 cell plug trays)

For insurance, be sure to insert a thermometer inside the seed(gallon nursery pots). And often check to prevent the temperature controller from malfunctioning and causing damage to the seed. Generally, rice seeds are not germinated after being replaced with new cold water. If you need 20 hours of seed to reach more than 30 degrees. When the seeds reach 30 degrees or more, the rice seeds have a broken chest. Release the water and continue to aerate and germination(flat plastic tray). When the seed has 85% broken chest, the temperature is lowered to 25-28 degrees Celsius.

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