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Bulk Buy Cheap Plastic 4 Gallon Container Mexico

The treated rhizomes, with and without buds, should be cultivated separately(flat plastic tray). Before sowing, make a well-drained seedbed of 120 cm long, 20 cm wide and 30 cm high. The seedbed is sterilized with Bordeaux solution and seeded by seeding(1.5 gallon nursery pots wholesale). The row spacing of the ditch is dug to 15cm × 15cm, and then the treated seven-leaf and one flower roots are planted into the ditch and covered with plastic film. 

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After transplantation and before emergence, it is necessary to keep the weeds free of weeds(propagation tray). The average annual sunshine is 1354.3h, which is 30.25% of the sunshine hours. Fitness area. Seven-leaf and one-flower flowers are propagated with seeds and rhizomes. Provide a good growing environment(greenhouse supplies pots). The rainy season is from April to August. Wait until the second winter You can transplant, and increase ground temperature.

(bulk buy cheap plastic 4 gallon container mexico)After emergence, weeds, loose soil and clear trenches should be removed in a timely manner to loosen and ventilate the seedbed, adjust moisture(plug trays). The area where the northeastern edge of the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau intersects with the western Hubei is a sub-tropical monsoon humid climate zone with abundant natural resources, abundant sunshine, abundant rainfall(2 gallon plant pots supplier), mild climate and long frost-free period.

The coldest month (January) averages 5.6 ℃, the extreme minimum temperature is -9.2 ℃(gallon nursery pots); the hottest month (July) average temperature is 27.7 ℃, the extreme maximum temperature is 39.6 ℃; the frost-free period of the year is 304 days, there is no extreme heat in summer, no winter Severe cold and four distinct seasons; the annual average rainfall is 1485mm(seed starter trays). The rainfall accounts for about 42% of the year.(bulk buy cheap plastic 4 gallon container mexico)

After selecting the planted woodland in autumn, remove the mixed irrigation(gallon plant pot), weeds, impurities and residues, apply rotten fermented cake fertilizer 100kg / mu, dig the soil 30cm deep, dig a hole with a depth of 5-6cm according to the specification of 30cm × 40cm, and small propagation coefficient(2 gallon plant pots wholesale), Planting in the cloudy day from October to November or when the sun is weak in the afternoon. Direct seeding is used.

(bulk buy cheap plastic 4 gallon container mexico)The border is covered with a certain thickness of humus soil or pine needles, crushed grass, etc(cell trays). The yield after transplanting after seedling raising is consistent with the quality of direct seeding, and the quality of rhizome seedlings is higher than that of seed seedlings(black plastic plant pots). Place one treated rhizome in each hole, place the bud tip upward, apply rot and fermented bran hulls plus 250g of animal poultry in each hole.

The fresh quality of three-year-old tubers is obviously different(square nursery pots). The quality of seven-leaf and one-flower flowers propagated by seeds is obviously lower than that of the direct treatment of rhizomes. Under the treatment method of rhizomes(1 gallon pots manufacturer), the fresh quality of single tubers of seven-leaf and one-flowered flowers planted under broad-leaved forests is obviously higher than that of coniferous forests and shrubs.(bulk buy cheap plastic 4 gallon container mexico)

The quality of the direct planting of rhizome is higher than the quality of direct seeding(plastic grow pots). However, the shortcomings of direct planting of rhizomes are large resource consumption, high cost, which is not convenient for large-scale planting and promotion. Seed direct seeding has low resource consumption, low cost, and large reproduction coefficient, which is convenient for large-scale planting and promotion(nursery plant pots). Pour through water.

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