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Bulk Buy Cheap Plastic Clone Trays Australia

After cooling, it should be dissolved to 1000ml with heavy distilled water, and then heated to make a stable transparent solution(3 inch square pots). 5ml of each mixed IL medium can be taken. All the tools used for inoculation should be disinfected on the flame of alcohol lamp, and then disinfected. Finally, wipe and disinfect the super clean table with new jieermin and 70% alcohol(plastic garden pots wholesale). The prepared solution must be put into the refrigerator to prevent deterioration.

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Iron salt should be prepared separately and mixed(plastic containers for plants wholesale). The sterilized material was placed in the culture dish, the edge was cut off with scalpel, and then cut into small pieces of 0.2-0.5cm, and inoculated on the culture medium to make it close to the culture medium. These nutrients are conducive to the growth and growth of the new root primordium(72 cell trays). Trace elements can be prepared 100 times of mother liquor, dissolved to 100 ml, adding 1 ml for each 1 l medium.

(bulk buy cheap plastic clone trays australia)Then, the all-optical spray can also reduce the great changes in the ambient temperature around the cuttings(4 gallon planter), reduce the respiration of the cuttings, and the nutrients added to the cuttings are more than those used for breathing. After selecting suitable culture medium according to different perennial plant species, it is necessary to prepare mother liquor with large amount of elements, trace elements and organic matter(large plastic planters cheap), and enlarge multiple as diluent for storage.

Sucrose: the concentration of sucrose is generally 3%, the concentration of agar is about 0.7%, the pH of medium is 5.4-6.2, and the commonly used pH is 5.8(five gallon pot). Organic nutrients must be prepared separately. Generally, 50 times of the dosage can be weighed. After being dissolved in distilled water, the volume can be adjusted to 50ml. 1ml of each mixed IL medium can be taken(72 cell trays bulk). 100 ml mother liquor can be taken for every 1 l medium.(bulk buy cheap plastic clone trays australia)

Auxin: generally, 50mg can be weighed and put into a small beaker(white plastic hanging baskets), dissolved with a few drops of 95% alcohol, and then diluted to 50ml with hot distilled water (about 80 ℃), and then put into a brown bottle to avoid oxidation into pink. The dissolution method of gibberellin is the same. Add a few drops of LN hydrochloric acid to dissolve(plastic flower pots wholesale), and then fix the volume to 50ml with hot distilled water, and the solution concentration is 0.5 ~ img / L.

(bulk buy cheap plastic clone trays australia)The medicament, concentration and treatment time used in disinfection often depend on the specific conditions of the materials(rapid rooter tray). Improper treatment may lead to pollution and even failure of the experiment. Proper disinfectant should be selected before disinfection(plastic seed trays). Disinfectant should be repeatedly rinsed with sterile water after disinfection, most of which can be washed away, and the residual agents can also volatilize or decompose into low toxic substances.

The commonly used disinfectants are calcium hypochlorite, sodium hypochlorite(5 inch plastic pots), hydrogen peroxide, peracetic acid (1%), Bromogeramine (0.29) and low concentration mercuric chloride solution. In addition, the material should be rinsed with 70% alcohol for several seconds before disinfection. It is better to add a drop of surfactant, Tween 20 or 40, 80 to the disinfectant to increase the germicidal efficacy of the disinfectant(nursery plant pots wholesale). Cytokinin: 25 ~ 50mg can be weighed and put into a small beaker.

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