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Bulk Buy Cheap Plastic Garden Pots Italy

Yam is our common ingredient(propagation tray). As people pay attention to health, it is also because of the increasing number of yam growers. But the yam is not as simple as planting cabbage or tomatoes. The impression that the Chinese food is flat on the ground, but the yam has to be gouged, and it has to reach a depth of more than one meter(flat plastic tray). Then, just this one planting requirement, let it grow. The process is cumbersome, so many people have difficulty planting high-quality yam.

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(bulk buy cheap plastic garden pots italy)So what do you do? Let's take a look at it. However, high-quality yam needs to provide good growth conditions(plug trays). For example, the temperature should be kept at about 20 degrees. In addition, the light conditions should be met. The daytime illumination time is about 8 hours, which is enough for yam to absorb sufficient photosynthesis(plastic grow pots). As long as these conditions are met, yam has a great effect on its growth and quality.

It has good drainage and is suitable for planting crops(gallon plant pot). For yam cultivation, the most important thing is loose soil. Yam is a kind of root plant, its underground rhizome can reach more than one meter. When planting yam, the most important thing to consider is root growth(greenhouse supplies pots). If the soil is too hard, it will limit the growth of yam, so we must choose the soil and loose soil to improve the quality of yam.

(bulk buy cheap plastic garden pots italy)Compared with other crops, yam is cultivated in many ways. There are three main types(cell trays). One is to use yam head, the other is to cut yam into small pieces. The third is to use yam Lin Yu, suggesting that you choose the first one. This is the most Advanced cultivation methods, the selected yam head is about 30 cm in length(wholesale greenhouse pots). After selecting the yam head, it is first sterilized, which prevents the yam from causing pests and diseases from the roots.

The second is to put some ash and lime on both sides of the yam to reduce the invasion of bacteria(gallon nursery pots). But in addition to the weather, I also like the lower air humidity. We can water it frequently throughout its growth period. First, when the yam enters the seedling stage, it is not advisable to water at this stage to prevent the roots from collecting a large amount of water and then rot(seed starter trays). When the yam is the first seedling, watering is required to promote the instability of the yam root.(bulk buy cheap plastic garden pots italy)

We can rationally close the plant to maximize the advantages of the group(black plastic plant pots), obtain the key links of high yield, and use sufficient light to increase production. According to the test, 3000 plants per mu are planted, the yield per mu is about 3.7 tons, and when the density is 6000, the yield per mu is about 4.3 tons, and the yield is increased by 15%(square nursery pots). The climate in the northeast is suitable, the soil fertility is high, and the suitable density is 5,600 plants per mu, the row spacing is 18 × 66 cm.

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