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Bulk Buy Cheap Plastic Greenhouse Plant Pots

The grafting method has a splicing method and a tube grafting method(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). Most of the local people use the splicing method to move into a simple shed covered with agricultural film and sunshade net. The interface should be 10cm above the ground when transplanting, to prevent the buried interface, and avoid the roots re-rooting into the soil(72 cell plug trays supplier). Other planting management measures are the same as those of self-rooted seedlings.

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Grafting knives should be sharp, that is, in the life of grafting, although many people have not seen the money grass(sureroot plug trays bulk), its name is often mentioned, it is said to be a medical and edible medicine. Therefore, many people who are preparing flowers and plants will think of money grass, but for beginners, first of all, we must know how to raise money grass(128 cell plug trays supplier). As for how to grow fast, how to grow money, the method is very simple, that is, the sun is over watering!

(bulk buy cheap plastic greenhouse plant pots)Because the money grass needs a lot of water during the growth process(gallon pot), the flower pot needs to have a bottom, and there can be no gaps, that is, the flower pot with a round hole at the bottom cannot be used as a flower pot of money grass. Then, after selecting the flower pot, put a layer of 2CM mud on the bottom of the pot, or you can spread small colored stones in the basin(128 cell seed trays wholesale). The water surface is lower than the pot along the 1cm. 

How to grow money grass quickly, and then meet the above conditions, and then pay more attention(large plastic terracotta pots). Each plant is planted in two rows, the plant spacing is 40-50 cm, and 1600-1800 plants are planted per 667 m2. After planting, the root water is drenched. At this time, you should pay attention to it(seed starting trays supplier). After that, add water. No matter what flowers or plants, you need a flower pot to raise it, so the first step is to prepare a flower pot.(bulk buy cheap plastic greenhouse plant pots)

In simple terms, you can do the following: cover a small layer of mud(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). Usually keep the water in the basin not to dry, change the water once a week (the leaves will be yellow when not changing the water for a long time). On the fertilizer, the money grass is not very particular, put a compound fertilizer once a week, dissolve the compound fertilizer in the water(32 cell plug trays supplier), add it to the pot together when adding water, pay attention to the fertilizer and water poured on the leaves.

(bulk buy cheap plastic greenhouse plant pots)Lysimachia is low temperature resistant and grows well in the temperature range of 16 to 24 ° C(square grow pots). The winter temperature should not be lower than 5 ° C. When the water temperature exceeds 30 ° C, plant growth is inhibited. If the light is not enough, its leaves are easily rotted(105 cell plug trays supplier). Therefore, it is necessary to let the grass grow in the sun regularly, but the frequency of sun exposure does not need to be too high. It can be done once a week!

Money grass likes a well-lit environment(plastic plant trays wholesale). The choice of water quality, you can not choose some mineral water, you can take some groundwater; you want to make the money grow fast, you can buy a good compound fertilizer, and then let the water temperature of the money grass stay in the temperature range of 16 ~ 24 °C(50 cell plug trays supplier); When the light is strong, the plants begin to grow laterally, and when the light is weak, the plants begin to grow upward.(bulk buy cheap plastic greenhouse plant pots)

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