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Bulk Buy Cheap Plastic Greenhouse Trays

The basin is slightly deeper(plug trays wholesale). If you use a plastic pot, you need to crush the charcoal block or hard plastic foam block on the bottom of the basin to enhance the ventilation and drainage and prevent the roots. It can be mixed with the humus soil and the topsoil of the vegetable garden and mixed with a small amount of sand for the culture soil(5 gallon pots distributor). 

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(bulk buy cheap plastic greenhouse trays)It is necessary to prevent the sun exposure in the hot sun at noon, and the flowering period is shortened(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). From the Mid-Autumn Festival to the winter season, the sun is more common, and the next year can be more colorful. Hydrangea can withstand a low temperature of 5 °C, and can be safely wintered outside in the Yangtze River basin and south of it(7 gallon pots distributor). 

Like wet(black plastic nursery pots), taboo, diligent fertilization hydrangea flowers like moist, leaf large water evaporation, sunny, cloudy day should be poured once a day, keep the basin soil wet without water, as well, and often spray water to the foliage. The hydrangea in spring should be more prone to sunlight, especially in the summer, until the beginning of autumn. It prefers to be born in a humus-rich neutral sandy soil. 

It is not drought-tolerant, especially in summer, when the potted soil is dry, the leaves will be wilting(14 gallon pots distributor), affecting flowering and shortening the flowering period. If you want to make it light blue flowers, you can add some sulfur powder in the soil, hydrangea flowers like fertile soil, not resistant to thin and saline soil. Apply ferrous sulfate solution (50:01) once a week to make the potting soil slightly acidic. 

If there is accumulated water, it will be drained immediately, and the roots will be prevented(plastic nursery pots). In the winter dormant period, the potting soil is better to be dry and slightly moist, and it is easy to be rotted. When the minimum temperature is stable above 0 °C, it will leave the room(15 gallon pots distributor). If the potted hydrangea does not fertilize for a long time, the flowers are not beautiful. The root system of loose hydrangea is more developed.

(bulk buy cheap plastic greenhouse trays)In addition to meeting the water requirements of the potted soil from May to August(wholesale nursery pots), it is necessary to spray water once a day on the leaves. Change the application of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, 10 once in a day, and spray the leaves twice in May. The north should move to the low greenhouse for the winter when the minimum temperature drops to about 0 °C.

If the room temperature is higher than 10 °C, it should start to cool down. If the sleep is not good, it will affect the flowering of the next year. To make it light red flowers, add some slaked lime or grass ash to the soil to make the potting soil weakly alkaline. When the spring germination, apply 1 or 2 times of nitrogen-based liquid fertilizer, starting from April(1 gallon pots distributor). In the rainy season, it is necessary to prevent sputum.

If it is the upper basin or the annual pot change(plastic nursery pots wholesale), you can add some bone powder, decomposed organic fertilizer or NPK compound fertilizer as the base fertilizer in the soil. 02% potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution promotes the flowering of the buds(2 gallon pots distributor), does not apply fertilizer during the flowering period, and applies the compound fertilizer twice after the flowering.

Note: It is advisable to use a slightly deeper earthenware pot or purple sand pot to plant(large plastic terracotta pots). If it is spring and autumn, it is better to see the sun in the spring and shade. The first pick in June(gallon planters supplier). In order to promote the formation of flower buds in the same year, the last heart picking should be before September, otherwise the flower buds could not be formed in the same year.

(bulk buy cheap plastic greenhouse trays)But the high temperature makes the flowers fade quickly(square grow pots). Hydrangea leaves are relatively large and require more water. If the heart is topped in early June, flower buds can be formed in mid-August(3 gallon pots distributor). Hydrangea is good for fertilizer, otherwise the leaves are easy to turn yellow. The seedlings cut from May to June can be planted in 16 cm pots from July to August. 

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