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Bulk Buy Cheap Plastic Hanging Baskets Saudi Arabia

On the same flower, there are many flower buds on the branches that receive sufficient light; there are few flower buds on the branches that receive insufficient light(128 cell seedling trays wholesale). In summer, when there are sunny days, the flowers are exposed to sunlight, and the flowers bloom more in the next year. Otherwise, the plant is weak, the color is dull, and the seed setting rate is low(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). Summer flowers can also be placed on shaded balconies or entrance hallways. 

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In some areas, the temperature in summer is high, which is unfavorable for the growth of some flowers that like cool(128 cell plastic propagation tray wholesale price), such as cyclamen, golden bell, four seasons grass, Du Peng, etc., you should choose to place it under a ventilated cool balcony or walk, etc. The length of light time has a significant effect on the flower bud differentiation and flowering(square grow pots). This is mainly due to the good natural conditions and the accumulation of carbohydrates in the flowers.

(bulk buy cheap plastic hanging baskets saudi arabia)Long-day sunshine flowers generally require more than 12 hours of sunshine per day to form flower buds, called long-day sunshine flowers(162 cell seed starting trays). If this condition is not always achieved during development, it will not bloom or delay flowering. Most of the flowers in the natural flowering period in late spring and summer are mostly long-day flowers, such as gladiolus, iris, cone flower phlox, aster, and fairy flower(nursery plant pots). It is appropriate to cool down the ground wine.

Short-day sunshine flowers require daily sunshine duration of less than 12 hours to form flowers with normal flower buds, called short-day sunshine flowers(200 cell seed starting trays). According to the different requirements of flowers for light time, flowers are usually divided into three categories. In addition to flower heredity, flower blooming is the most effective external factor for promoting flower bud formation and flowering(seed starting trays). For example, chrysanthemums can be bloomed in advance by short-day treatment.

In production practice, people often use the characteristics of the length of light required for the normal growth and development of different flowers to regulate the flowering period(15 cell trays bulk). You can also change the opening hours of some flowers by adjusting the lighting time, for example, make county flowers open at night open during the day(black plastic plant pots). In the midsummer, put the Xiyin flower under the shade or under the tree fungus to avoid shading and avoid direct sunlight.(bulk buy cheap plastic hanging baskets saudi arabia)

The following methods are commonly used. Arrange the arrangement of potted flowers reasonably(21 cell trays bulk). The high sunny flowers, such as osmanthus, pomegranate, fig, hibiscus, white orchid, oleander, rubber tree, etc., can be placed in places where they dare to see the light to receive strong light(gallon pot). The longer the sunshine of this type of flowers, the faster the development, the plants are vigorous, the inflorescence is full, the flowers are colorful, and the plants are full and full. 

(bulk buy cheap plastic hanging baskets saudi arabia)Some flowers that are shade-loving and not resistant to drought, such as begonias, gloxinia, ferns, and foliage ornaments, in addition to proper adjustment of shading during cultivation(32 cell trays bulk), you should also choose an environment with leeward weather and high air humidity. Adjusting the light period is to adjust the length of light(seed starter trays). Family flowers should be adjusted according to the lighting requirements of the flowers and the wishes of the growers.

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