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Bulk Buy Cheap Plastic Nursery Bowl Canada

Stop fertilization, growth activity almost stopped in dormancy period, so fertilization can not be applied(162 cell trays bulk), otherwise it will easily cause rotten root or ball, and even death. To prevent rain, because the basin is easy to cause ponding after rain, which will lead to root rot, so it should be stored in a rain shelter(plant cell trays). It can make the soil slightly acidic, improve the quality of water for watering flowers, and make it suitable for the growth of flowers.

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The ways of cooling the family include ventilation, spray cooling, shade cooling, mechanical cooling, sand trough cooling and humidification and deep basin evaporation(200 cell trays bulk). The common semi cold resistant flowers are chrysanthemum, peony, guayeju, tricolor cocoon, Dianthus, rose, plum blossom, pomegranate, Magnolia, oleander, five needle pine, etc(seed starting tray wholesale). If the temperature is too early, the flowers are easy to be damaged by freezing, resulting in losses.

Such as five needle pine, cedar, and so on; the leaves are flat and scaly mostly negative, such as Platycladus orientalis, arhat pine, etc(112 cell trays bulk); Evergreen broad-leaved flowers and trees are mostly negative or semi negative, "spring does not come out", that is, do not rush to let flowers out of the room in early spring(4.72inch plastic plant pots), put some sawdust, because the temperature is unstable in early spring, there will be cold current attack from time to time, and then move into the room.

As the flowers originated in the south, such as brandy, jasmine, camellia, etc.(288 cell trays bulk), they all like high temperature and humid environment and slightly acidic soil, and can not adapt to the cold and dry climate and alkaline soil conditions in the north, "winter does not enter", that is, when the weather is just cold(sowing tray), if there is no frost, most flowers can not be moved into the room in a hurry, but can be put in the leeward after a period of time of refining Miao.

Such as evergreen, camellia, brandy, turtle back bamboo, etc.(20 cell trays bulk); deciduous broad-leaved flowers and trees are mostly positive, such as lotus, peach blossom, plum blossom, chrysanthemum, etc. Flowers such as golden bell, tulip, cyclamen, Clivia and Narcissus are dormant or semi dormant in summer. The heating and heat preservation methods of family flowers are: hot stove (coal, fuel oil), heating materials, using pot insulation(plastic flower pots manufacturers), making insulation film, insulation box, etc.

Therefore, the soil acidity should be adjusted(50 cell seed starter trays). Family cold prevention measures can be summed up as follows: first, use a few thin bamboo sticks, insert both ends into the edge of the pot, so that the top is semicircular, the top should be 10 cm higher than the flower plant, and then put on a plastic bag and tie it tightly under the edge of the flowerpot(4.92inch plastic plant pots). Therefore, it is necessary to wait until the temperature is stable before leaving the room and refining seedlings before that.

At noon, the plastic bag can be taken away for a moment to facilitate air circulation(72 cell seed starter trays). There are water droplets and flowing in the plastic cover, which indicates that the humidity is relatively high. If the water drops are in the form of fog, it is most suitable. Place the flowerpot in a large empty basin, rice bran or perlite on the space around the planting basin and the basin surface(plant germination trays), and then cover it with plastic film to keep warm and prevent cold.

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