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With the advent of autumn, Tiger Piran will also return to the growing season(plastic nursery pots), it will burst a lot of small cockroaches, or sprout a lot of side buds. If we allow a large number of small mites to grow at this time, the water condensed at the base of the plant will not easily evaporate, which will easily lead to the decay of the roots of the plants(bulk 20 gallon pots). Therefore, we need to dig up most of the small hoes in time and transplant them into other pots.

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(bulk buy cheap plastic nursery containers)But even if you do this, from the perspective of the entire pot, it still looks different or not so coordinated(plastic nursery pots wholesale). Can Tiger Piran be trimmed? In fact, Tiger Piran can be trimmed and is more resistant to trimming. The robust leaves that have been cut can also be used to cut new seedlings! But we can't blindly cut a pass, but we must combine the ornamental and growth of the pot to discriminate as appropriate(injection molded nursery pots). So, how does Tiger Piran trim it?

At the same time, it is necessary to look at which old leaves are weaker(black plastic nursery pots), or the growth state is biased, which is easy to destroy the plant type. After the trimming, the overall viewing effect of the potted plant went up. However, after pruning, we can't keep the potted plants in a relatively poorly ventilated environment for a long time, and the growth of the plants will be weakened(blow molded nursery pots). Even if some new leaves are grown, it will not be beautiful, and there will still be different lengths. phenomenon.

(bulk buy cheap plastic nursery containers)Therefore, in addition to improving the ventilation conditions after trimming(plug trays wholesale), it is also recommended to turn the plants once a week to make the lighting in all directions more uniform, so that the newly grown leaves will be more neat and will not appear uneven. The phenomenon of Qi affects the overall beauty of the pot. Therefore, in the peak season of growth, when the original tiger peony bursts the basin(bulk 15 gallon pots), it is necessary to transplant the excess cockroaches that have burst out into other flowerpots in time.

First of all, we can cut the leaves that are too tall, so as to maintain the overall beauty and coordination(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). It is mainly to cut off old leaves with weak growth and poor appearance, and cut off the leaves that are too prominent. This not only makes the potted plant more beautiful(bulk 14 gallon pots), but also allows the whole leaf to receive more light and has ample growth space, which is important for the overall growth of the tiger skin.(bulk buy cheap plastic nursery containers)

You should choose a land with fertile soil, relatively flat terrain, and good drainage(wholesale nursery pots). For more than four years, no sugar beet has been planted. It is not advisable to choose areas with low terrain, high slope and high drought, so that root rot and low pests are more serious. After the land selection, shallow and deep pines should be used. It is best to carry out the autumn and fall to a depth of 25 cm(bulk 10 gallon pots). Deep pine about 35 cm, break the bottom layer of the pear, reach the soft layer of soil, no large clods.

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