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The weak seedlings of yellow seedlings are assisted by nitrogen fertilizer(cell trays). After the corn is harvested, the straw is returned directly to the field to grow wheat. However, if the entire set of operation techniques from returning corn to wheat-wheat sowing cannot be achieved in accordance with standardization requirements, various problems may occur(blow molded nursery pots). Straw must be chopped up with a machine with sufficient horsepower, and the length should not exceed 10 cm.

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Will also accelerate the loss of "green water" in the topsoil, which will be detrimental to the high yield of winter wheat(gallon plant pot). It can be said that the problem of uneven emergence and yellowing in this part of the wheat field is caused by the non-standard operation of returning straw to the field, which caused the poor quality of wheat planting(72 cell seed trays wholesale). Remedial measures Grasp the moisture protection measures in the wheat field after rain and snow to prevent the wheat field from running.(bulk buy cheap plastic one gallon pot canada)

Experts are recently studying the root cause of the weak seedlings of yellow seedlings(plastic plant trays wholesale). For straw cultivating, the principles of dry cracking and wet harrowing can be used to protect soil moisture. The dry wheat fields at high places should be frozen with proper amount of water, and the low-lying wheat fields should be loosened to protect the soil in time after rain and snow(sureroot plug trays bulk). The corn field with the basic fertilizer still applied on a constant basis needs to be supplemented with an accelerated nitrogen fertilizer.

The wheat seedlings will enter the hibernation state in advance in the state of weak and little tillers(gallon nursery pots). If the wheat seedlings are covered with rain and snow before winter, they will not be subject to freezing and drought, and the wheat seedlings will be subjected to the stage of appropriate low temperature (referring to 1 ℃ ~ 5 ℃) Sexual exercise is conducive to the transformation of weak wheat seedlings from enhanced resistance to strong seedlings(128 cell trays bulk).

Before freezing or early spring next year, ditch urea, ammonium sulfide, ammonium carbonate or ammonium chloride into the soil(plastic grow pots). In the coming year, in order to avoid the problems that the straw returning to the field will not cause the emergence of seedlings and the yellowing of wheat seedlings, the following suggestions are made for the direct straw returning technology(72 cell propagation trays wholesale): the amount of straw returned to the field should be moderate. 1000 kg / mu.(bulk buy cheap plastic one gallon pot canada)

Excessive straw will affect the quality of the next crop(plug trays). When using straw in the paddy field to return to the field, it is also necessary to prevent the organic acid generated during the decomposition of the straw from damaging the root system. The depth of ploughing into the soil should be less than 15 cm(128 cell seed trays wholesale). As long as the "green water" in the two-meter deep soil is preserved and stored, it will lay the foundation for drought resistance in the coming spring.

The first is to hinder the emergence of the main stubble wheat and the growth of the seedlings(square nursery pots). The covering soil should be tightly covered and suppressed, so as to accelerate the decomposition of the straw without affecting the seeding. If Banlangen is not supplemented with these fast-acting nitrogen fertilizers, the microorganisms will use the nitrogen applied to the seedlings, causing the seedlings to lack nitrogen(72 cell plug trays supplier), causing yellow seedling problems, and affecting the normal growth of the seedling stage.

(bulk buy cheap plastic one gallon pot canada)When Gramine straws such as wheat(propagation tray), corn and rice are directly returned to the field, according to air-dried straws, 3 to 5 kilograms of pure nitrogen should be added in time for every 100 kilograms of straw, which is used to adjust the C / N ratio to meet the absorption of microorganisms during straw decomposition. Soil available nitrogen(20 gallon nursery pots wholesale). The direct return of straw to the field needs to be supplemented with accelerated nitrogen fertilizer.

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