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Bulk Buy Cheap Plastic Plant Pots Ireland

The fertilization strategy in vegetable production is based on the principle of combining organic and inorganic(4 inch plastic pots bulk). The amount of organic fertilizer should be reasonable, not more beneficial. As an example, the supply of nitrogen to meet the anniversary of vegetable crops is taken as an example. Some countries have proposed that the proportion of nitrogen from organic fertilizer should be 50% to 60%(seed starting trays wholesale). Which leads to the common problem of excessive fertilization.

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Some old vegetable fields with severe continuous cropping obstacles use straw bioreactor technology to achieve good results(98 cell plug trays). First, grasp the nutrient content of the applied organic fertilizer. After deducting the amount of nutrients that the organic fertilizer can provide, use the chemical fertilizer to supplement the insufficient part(heavy duty gallon pot). However, in the current production practice, vegetable farmers often do not count organic fertilizer nutrients and only count fertilizer nutrients.

(bulk buy cheap plastic plant pots ireland)According to the ratio of organic nitrogen to inorganic nitrogen is 1: (0.4 ~ 1), and the application amount of organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer is determined by this(polystyrene plug plant trays). According to the quality characteristics of vegetable soils, different types of organic fertilizers are selected(heavy duty plant pots). New vegetable fields should use fermented organic fertilizers with high chemical nutrients and quick effects, such as manure, green fertilizer, and cake fertilizer.

That is, using straw to improve soil physical properties and supplementing sufficient carbon sources(shallow germination trays). Among the types of organic fertilizers, composting products including solid waste such as manure, urine, straw, and solid waste can improve the resistance and root promoting effect of vegetable crops, improve soil pH and soil structure(seedling trays wholesale), increase the amount of soil organic matter, inactivate heavy metal activity in vegetable fields, and reduce heavy metal pollution risk.

To this end, a reasonable ratio of base fertilizer should be formulated(black plastic plant pots wholesale). In view of the slow-moving characteristics of organic fertilizer, apply it as a base fertilizer or a base fertilizer, and apply it before sowing or planting. Don't use it for topdressing, use chemical fertilizer for topdressing(plastic cell trays supplier). In the dry season, watering should be carried out first to keep the soil moist, and then fertilizing will help the root system to absorb and achieve the effect of "water promoting fertilizer".(bulk buy cheap plastic plant pots ireland)

For high-yield fruit and vegetable crops, the amount of base fertilizer should be reduced and the amount of fertilizer should be increased(4 inch plastic pots wholesale). Control the input of fertilizer and water in order to reduce the accumulation of nitrogen and phosphorus in the vegetable field, leaching and runoff loss, and reduce non-point source pollution(seed starting trays supplier). Applying both fertilizer and water is a method of skillful application of fertilizer, which can make the same fertilizer play a greater role.

(bulk buy cheap plastic plant pots ireland)For vigorous fruit trees, it is not appropriate to apply too much nitrogen fertilizer, otherwise the spring and summer shoots will be excessive, which will also cause fruit drop(bulk pots). Except for severe zinc deficiency soils, zinc fertilizer should be applied once a year. The principle of is about the proper proportion of organic and inorganic(plastic potting pots): Finally, the fast-acting and instant-dissolving nitrogen fertilizer and potassium fertilizer are the main ones, and do not apply too much.

Do not apply continuously in the base fertilizer(plastic planters bulk). Proper application of organic fertilizers to vegetable fields is the guarantee of pollution-free vegetable production. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations has recommended that old vegetable fields should use slow-acting organic fertilizers that are rich in straw and fermented by stacking mash(seed propagation trays). Fully estimate the amount of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium nutrients it supplies to the crop.

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