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Bulk Buy Cheap Plastic Plant Pots Large

When the number of sub-plants and grandchildren is too much(4.33inch plastic plant pots), it is time to separate (strain) in order to take into account the smooth growth of each plant. Orchids grow slowly, and they can be rooted every three or four years, and Chunlan wants 5-6 bunches of leaves and cypresses to have 8-9 bunches of leaves before they can be separated. The basin should be selected in the dormant period after flowering(plug trays wholesale). The flowering species in spring should be in the period from the autumn to the big snow or the sprout, and the flowering in summer and autumn should be carried out between Qingming and Guyu.

(bulk buy cheap plastic plant pots large)Remember to “sweet and turn the basin to break the roots”, cut off the residual root venetian and dry cockroach bulbs(3.94inch plastic plant pots), and do not hurt the buds and roots when cutting. After a period of growth of orchids, in addition to the occurrence of diseases or fertilizers, after one or two years of normal growth, the pottery soil (generally called "plant material") is exhausted, and the orchids are basically developed to bloom or The number of seedlings is high(black plastic nursery pots), and no basin is added, which is unfavorable for the growth of orchids.

It is best to use medical disinfection scissors, but the risk of summer grass is many times higher than other seasons(4.33inch plastic nursery pots). It is a matter of time before it is finished. Everyone actively replies to the discussion, presenting your valuable experience and making progress together. It is best to find the extra strong grass that you have been breeding for many years. The seedlings that are distributed should be at least as large as the mother seedlings(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). If the seedlings are already weak, it will be weaker after the single sheeting, and it will be harder to rejuvenate in the future. .

(bulk buy cheap plastic plant pots large)In fact, every Lanyou family can buy ten, put it on the natural gas stove for 20 seconds to sterilize(4.13inch plastic plant pots), cool it for use, and use a pair of scissors. After using it, it can effectively prevent virus infection. For wound treatment, it is generally necessary to find a wide-ranging road and a large seedling of reed head(plastic nursery pots wholesale). The nutrient accumulation is sufficient and the resistance is strong. After separation, the wound is carbonized and cleaned. Carbonization can effectively avoid risks and prevent bacterial infection.

Everyone promotes root fertilizer and promotes the growth and development of the roots(plastic potting pots). If the leaves turn yellow, NPK is the main component of orchids. The material needs to be based on the environment and mode of cultivation. It is good for you. I usually treat the wounds after the wounds, no need to disinfect them, directly on the basin(wholesale nursery pots). Watering, the shorter the time, the better, the service time is greatly shortened, and spraying a conventional bactericide for 2 to 3 days before the basin is also effective.(bulk buy cheap plastic plant pots large)

Note that strong seedlings are the key at this time. There are no best tools for preparation(3.94inch plastic nursery pots). The old seedlings can be properly planted. Generally, regardless of the four seasons of Chunlan and Lutou, the upper end of the old seedlings head is 2CM under the substrate. The new grass is properly planted. Generally, there are open buds on the new grass or half of the large seedlings from 4 to 80%. It is best not to divide the singles(plastic nursery pots). It is easy to lose the hands of the former dragon grass buds. If you go to the new seedlings, you will lose more than the old seedlings.

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