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The tiger's skin leaves are straight(4.5inch deep square pots), tough and speckled, while maintaining the evergreen season, which is very suitable for indoor foliage cultivation. Although the name of the tiger Piran is named from the leaves that look like tiger tails, it is not as cold-resistant as the tiger skin, but it is very cold. Therefore, wintering in winter is a problem(plastic nursery pots). Due to the influence of low temperature in winter, tiger skin is easy to enter dormancy and stop growing.

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(bulk buy cheap plastic plant pots online canada)Then, in order to let it survive the winter smoothly without being frostbitten(5 gallon nursery pots bulk), how can we raise the tiger skin in winter? Because of the poor cold tolerance of tiger skin, it is necessary to timely reduce the temperature when winter comes. Moved to indoor maintenance. If it is placed in an environment below 10 °C for a long time, the plant not only tends to enter dormancy but stops growing(plastic nursery pots wholesale), and there is also a risk of freezing damage, and it will be frozen to death in severe cases.

Otherwise, in this case, after moving the tiger Piran into the room(2 gallon nursery pots bulk), if the temperature is still low, then you don't have to water it or even water it. Because it is watered in a low temperature environment, it will reduce its cold resistance. If the indoor air temperature is relatively high and the environment is relatively dry, it should be watered in time to maintain the humidity of the basin soil(black plastic nursery pots), and it is necessary to spray more water around the plant to increase the air humidity.(bulk buy cheap plastic plant pots online canada)

The tiger peony, which is affected by low temperature and enters a dormant state(3 gallon nursery pots bulk), grows very slowly and is almost in a state of stopping growth. Therefore, the plant consumes very little water and nutrients, in addition to controlling the water, it must be fat. Because in this case, even if topdressing, tiger Piran can not absorb, but it is easy to cause fat damage and death(plug trays wholesale). Generally, the temperature will pick up in the spring of the next year, and the plants will be topdressed after they have returned to growth.

(bulk buy cheap plastic plant pots online canada)In addition to the above three aspects, we put the potted tiger Piran in the room, there are certain requirements for the environment(7 gallon nursery pots bulk), and the plant will still have poor growth. It is necessary to let the sun shine more in the winter, and to do warm and cold measures to avoid it being frozen; and to let the environment have a certain humidity, air circulation is smooth, to avoid the environment is too dry(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). In this way, the plant can safely and smoothly cross the winter.

It is also possible to combine the pots, pour the plants out of the pots(1 gallon nursery pots bulk), and then cut off the roots with a sharp knife, and then plant them in separate pots. Therefore, when Phalaenopsis chinensis uses leaf buds to breed, it often happens that Phnom Penh disappears. Therefore, ramets are generally used for reproduction. At the same time, the wounds left are more susceptible to pathogens(wholesale nursery pots). There is also a need for manual trimming, otherwise such old blades need to be cut together.

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