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Bulk Buy Cheap Plastic Planting Pots Canada

The soil is poured with human manure and urine water, and covered with 10 cm thick rural soil to ferment and rot(succulent planter tray). It is black brown, loose and light in weight. It not only breathes air and drains water, but also preserves fertilizer and water. It is a good soil for potted plants(24 cell trays bulk). It is suitable for cultivating orchids, azaleas and Camellia in acid soil, and can be used as potted landscape cultivation soil for tree stumps.

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The preparation methods of common cultivated soil are as follows(plant plastic trays). The rotten leaf soil can also be made from local materials. Generally, the leaves, fertilizer and garden soil of broad-leaved trees are piled up layer by layer in autumn, and the appropriate amount of water and human manure can be poured in(4 cell trays bulk), and the appropriate amount of bone meal or calcium superphosphate is added in the process of returning.(bulk buy cheap plastic planting pots canada)

Flowers, like animals, need to breathe continuously in the process of their life activities(plastic nursery trade pots). As long as it is heated to 80 ~ 100 ℃ for 30 ~ 60 minutes, the purpose of disinfection can be achieved. When there is no horse yellow, you can pour thin human feces and urine, which can be used after full fermentation(6 cell trays bulk). Although this method is not strict, it is simple and easy to operate, which can also receive disinfection effect. 

Natural humus culture soil(plant trays without holes): according to the humus content and viscosity degree of forest humus, it is mixed with garden soil or river mud and thin human manure and urine, and can be used after full fermentation and maturity. The stacking time of all kinds of culture soil can be used in the current year for flowers(8 cell trays bulk), but it needs to be used every other year when the flowers are delicate or used as the soil for supporting planting.

(bulk buy cheap plastic planting pots canada)In the spring of the next year, the rotten leaves should be smashed, and then according to the volume ratio(v9 nursery pots), 4 parts of fertilizer soil, 4 parts of plain sand soil and 2 parts of furnace ash soil should be mixed evenly, and then stacked for a period of time, and attention should be paid to keep moist(12 cell trays bulk). Peat culture soil: 4 parts of peat soil, 4 parts of plain sand soil, 2 parts of horse or rotten leaf pile fertilizer soil, mixed evenly.

There are several simple disinfection methods commonly used in the family(3.5 inch square plastic pots), fried for 20 minutes on the stove, and stacked for a period of time, so that the fertilizer and soil can be fully mixed, and the soil should be stirred 2-3 times. They need to inhale oxygen and release carbon dioxide day and night, the fertilizer effect is better, in autumn, kept moist, often overturned(10cm plastic grow pots). It is slightly acidic. 

In the sunlight disinfection method, the prepared culture soil was spread out on the clean cement ground or wood board, and exposed to the sun for 2-3 days(72 cell trays). Such as in the summer sun can kill a large number of spores, hyphae, insect eggs and nematodes(10.5cm plastic grow pots). There are many heating methods, 5 parts of broadleaf leaves and herbaceous plants, such as cooking, high pressure heating and steam heating.(bulk buy cheap plastic planting pots canada)

However, the heating time should not last too long(72 cell trays bulk), or it will kill the beneficial microorganisms that can decompose ingredients, thus hindering the normal growth and development of flowers. If there is no heating equipment, the prepared soil can be put into an iron pot, or steamed in a high-pressure pot for 10 minutes(18 cell trays bulk). Rotten leaf culture soil: 3 parts of sawdust and 2 parts of horse manure are used to pile up in layers. 

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