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Many people like it(gallon pot). It has become one of our family dishes. The market demand of leek is so big, how to cultivate leek in solar greenhouse? Because of the different ways of succession and time of market, leek varieties with different dormancy habits are selected according to the local actual situation, but the best quality of leek is good quality(23cm plastic grow pots), leaf width, disease resistance, low temperature resistance, high yield and other characteristics.

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The key to the high and stable yield of leek is to plant leek in sunlight greenhouse and transplant(plastic plant trays wholesale). 5 tons of mature farmyard fertilizer and 20 kg of diammonium phosphate can be used as base fertilizer per mu to form seedbed. Sowing starts at the end of March and the beginning of April, and the general sowing amount is controlled at 10-15g / m2(6.35cm square grow pots). Spread the seeds of leek evenly on the seedbed, then cover with soil for about 1cm, and compact the soil.

(bulk buy cheap plastic starter plant pots)Leek is a perennial vegetable(cheap plastic plant pots bulk), which can not be tilled for many years after one cultivation. Before planting, the plot needs deep ploughing and fine harrow to promote the root development of leek seedlings. Combined with the deep ploughing of the plot, 5 tons of rotten farmyard manure(8.89cm square grow pots), 40 kg of diammonium phosphate and 10 kg of potassium phosphate can be applied per mu, and then rotated for 1-2 times, so as to fully mix the soil and fertilizer.

Greenhouse temperature can be higher, but when leeks grow out of the ground, the indoor temperature needs to be strictly controlled(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). Leek is rich in nutrition and has the effect of reducing fat and nourishing. Then the leek seedling should be weeded in time. When the plant grows to 18-20cm high, it can be transplanted. Before the leek seedlings are unearthed, the soil should be kept properly moist(11.43cm square grow pots). Generally speaking, sowing in spring should be planted after summer solstice, which can be planted in ditch or border.  

During this period, we need to do a good job in water and fertilizer(square grow pots). If the furrow planting method is adopted, the row spacing of the furrow shall be kept at 30-35cm, the depth of the furrow shall be 10-15cm, and 20-40 plants shall be planted in each hole, which is suitable for softening cultivation; if the furrow planting method is adopted, the row spacing shall be 15-20cm(heavy duty gallon pot), the hole spacing shall be 10-15cm, and 5-10 plants shall be planted in each hole, which is suitable for the production of green leek.(bulk buy cheap plastic starter plant pots)

We can irrigate small water once every 7 days(large plastic terracotta pots), and apply available nitrogen fertilizer 2-3 times according to the standard of 10kg per mu, so as to promote rhizome expansion and root growth. Although leek likes to be cold, it doesn't mean that it is cold resistant. In fact, the suitable growth temperature of leek is 12-24 ℃(11.43cm square nursery pots). In addition, if the temperature in the greenhouse is high, the humidity is high, and the light is weak, it is easy to make leeks grow in vain, dry and sharp, and reduce their resistance.

(bulk buy cheap plastic starter plant pots)Generally speaking, during the growth of the first Chinese chive every year(sureroot plug trays bulk), the temperature should be kept at 17-23 ℃ in the daytime, and the upper limit of temperature can be slightly higher than that of the first Chinese chive. At the same time, the temperature in the greenhouse at night should not be too low, so as to avoid the condensation of leek leaves caused by the large temperature difference between day and night(20cm plastic grow pots), which will lead to disease.

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