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The other is caused by the physiological imbalance of the persimmon tree(seed starting trays). It is called "physiological fruiting" and mainly occurs in the first and middle of June. The main causes of physiological fruit drop are the following aspects: variety, malnutrition, improper pruning, insufficient soil moisture or too much variation, and poor pollination(50 cell trays bulk). The persimmon fruit gradually turned red, softened, and fell off in large quantities.

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After the leaves are infected, the first round small spot leaves have light brown edges, and the disease shifts to dark brown(propagation tray). In the class, those with serious black small dots grow red and fall off after only 5 to 8 days, leaving persimmon fruits. After July, control the fertilizer and water to prevent and control plants(98 cell trays bulk). When the new tip grows to 30cm, it is necessary to set up a post to properly bind the new tip to the post.(bulk buy cheap plastic v12 nursery pots usa)

The persimmon pedicle was infected and the round brown spot had a smaller onset time than the leaves(square nursery pots). However, after removing the astringent, a layer of lime on the surface of the fruit is not beautiful; insert the meat in the mouth, improper handling can also cause cracking. The peripheral edge of the black disease is yellow-green halo disease(105 cell trays bulk). The rain canopy is set above to prevent the infiltration of rain and snow to cause rot.

(bulk buy cheap plastic v12 nursery pots usa)Lime water 1.5 ~ 2.5kg per 50kg persimmon fruit(plug trays). First dissolve the lime water with a small amount of water, then add water to dilute the water to submerge the persimmon. Gently stir once a day for 3 to 4 days to remove astringency. If you can increase the water temperature, you can shorten the astringent time(162 cell seed starting trays). Using this method to treat the astringent persimmon pulp is brittle. It is particularly good for freshly colored, less ripe fruits.

Generally, if the height of 1 meter is too low, the air circulation will be affected(plastic grow pots). The persimmon fruit is easy to turn black or moldy. The operation is inconvenient. The size of the shelf surface depends on the storage capacity. Lay a layer of foil or corn stalks on the shelf. Lay a layer of 10-15 cm of cereal grass and gently press the persimmon on the grass(200 cell seed starting trays). It is too thick. The non-ventilated persimmon is easy to soften or crush.

After placing the persimmon fruit, cover it with grain grass to keep it warm so that the temperature does not change too much(gallon nursery pots). The rain canopy and the grass must have a certain distance to facilitate ventilation. The mouth of the glass bottle is small, and it is relatively stable(15 cell trays bulk). We usually drink the yogurt bottle, wash it, pour 1/3 of the water, do not need to touch the water, put it in a cool place for about a week It took root.(bulk buy cheap plastic v12 nursery pots usa)

When the seedling height is 30 ~ 40cm, it can be topped to promote its thickening and the grafting can be carried out when the seedling diameter is more than 1cm(plastic plant trays wholesale). Select the mature tree with pure varieties, strong tree vigor, high yield, high quality, no deformed fruit and pests as the ear picking plant(21 cell trays bulk). The annual application rate of trees in the full fruit period is 300 kg of pure nitrogen per hectare, 150 kg of phosphorus, and 300 kg of potassium.

(bulk buy cheap plastic v12 nursery pots usa)The thickness should not exceed 30 cm(gallon plant pot). There are two situations for persimmons to drop flowers and fruits. One is caused by external factors such as disease and insect damage, wind disasters, etc. Combining top dressing for irrigation and plowing and weeding and paying attention to timely prevention of plant diseases and insect pests(32 cell trays bulk). Grafting or bud grafting takes place in early April of spring. The middle edge is slightly lighter.

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